The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Thursday, 25 May 1989

'Rocky Horror' at KLCA II


To find out what today’s show went like and what happened afterwards, see my next entry!




‘Rhiannon’ – Fleetwood Mac


So, I started the day in Sally Watson’s digs, settling down after the post-pub fun to sleep in Sally’s single bed with her, while Julian slept on the floor.


Now, in the darkness, she and I played ‘let’s remove each other’s suspenders + stockings with our teeth’.  This then developed over the next four hours into ‘let’s cuddle’ and ‘let’s caress each other’s bodies’ and then, ‘let’s kiss’ – AAARGH!  Neither of us REALLY fancies each other and I didn’t realise this was actually happening in my pissed stupor at first, but let’s just say we got ‘quite intimate’. 



‘Shake The Disease’ – Depeche Mode


Anyway, after sleeping, I rose at 1.30pm and went straight up to the KLCA for the Act Two run-through.  It was hilarious.  Nigel Cameron is so thick + he was really getting on Julian’s nerves.


Oh aye, and everyone had a go at Kenneth for slagging off Larry.  A unanimous votes suggested we’d all rather see Kenneth go than anyone else.  None of us can quite work out what the chip on his shoulder actually is.


Larry rang from Manchester and wished us all the best before the show.  Good of him. 


Oh, and Simone Vevrier, the Make-Up teacher, is gorgeous.


The crowd, once again, was fantastic.  The place was full once again.  The band + I swigged lots of lager + took loads into the pit with us.  It was great, as well, as we went into the pit via the stage and we all got an individual cheer – mine being easily the loudest.  My make-up was pretty good though.


The performance was absolutely brilliant; unbelievably exquisite and skill and … just everything.  Me ‘n’ the band joined in with much of the audience participation and it was just wonderful.  The best and saddest and last nite of the show.


At the end, after the cast had done their bows, they did the Time Warp again + I jumped into the audience and joined in.  Then, during the encore, Simon thanked me ‘n’ the band – each individually – and we all got up on stage + bowed.  Then they called the producers, Daniel + Jodie down, by which time, the audience were absolutely screaming for more.  So then, Daniel, Jodie, Kat, Simon + Sharon sang the Time Warp and we all danced it on stage.  It was lovely that Daniel + were able to share a big kiss + a hug during the song.  He’s a good bloke.  I, for the first time in ages at NORCAT, was fantastically impressed.  Daniel was crying his eyes out with joy – and later, I hugged him, congratulated him + joined him in tears.  All of us were crying our eyes out.


It was the best amateur production I’ve ever seen and probably the best show I’ve been involved in.  It’s been an absolute scream.  BRILLIANT.


After the get-out and much cleaning up, I walked up to LA’s nite club, holding Jolene’s hand.



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Next time: ‘More Rocky ‘n’ Roll…’

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