The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Saturday, 6 May 1989

Rock 'N' Gore




‘Smokin' In The Boys Room’ – Motley Crue


Hello again, babies!  Jez here, back for the day.  Heh-heh-heh!


Last nite, after the pub, Legs + I had a chat or two at Ash’s, till Legs went.  I stayed at Ash’s.


Today, we all dossed for much of the day, ‘round town, looking for…  Well, SEX, basically.


Speaking of sex, I bumped into the gorgeous Nicky Brown (my 'one that got away') who I haven’t seen for ages + we chatted for a bit.  She’s lovely and I’ve missed her since we left school.  She told me she was chuffed for Ritcherd + his CHINESE PLAY thing.  She’s still very pretty.  After talking to her, I saw Claire Stubbs and chatted with her.


Ash + Legs are coming here tonite with some booze.  Legs has invited a G ‘N’ R freak called Amelia down.  She’d better bring some horny females or FUCK OFF!


Oh aye.  Ash + me are to be SUGARBLOOD not Dark Is Desire (he really wants us to use that name).  I aren’t fussed what we’re called.  I just wanna get on with it + do some recording.  So I’m already working on lyrics for two new songs, called (at the moment) ‘New Dawn’ and ‘Giving Away’.  They’re more gentle than I expected and we’re going to do something more acoustic than before, I think.




‘Killed By Death’ – Motorhead


Last nite at Ash’s, he went on and on for yonks about how much he fancies Kat Hill.


I spent today in Wisbech, all morning + afternoon, with the gang again, in + out of the pub. 


Tonite, Astra Trellis came over to cut my hair.  No sooner had she done that than Ash + Legs turned up with lots of wine + we all watched the video of February’s CHINESE PLAY and Ash’s ‘Rock ‘n’ Gore’ video (a complication of video nasty clips set to music by the likes of Motorhead and Red Lorry Yellow Lorry).  It made my stomach turn a few times.


Astra eventually went and the rest of us got extremely drunk, and danced to Alien Sex Fiend a lot.



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