The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Saturday, 20 May 1989


‘Fish’ – Throwing Muses


This AM, Ash + Jez went back to Wisbech, meeting up with Legs, Alice, Scotty, Nik, Doody, Emily, and – eventually – the gorgeous Angela.  They then proceeded to drink several litres of lager in St Peter’s Gardens.


Jez then came back to Blackberry Narrow; ate, bathed + changed into:


He then returned to The Angel, sitting in with Ash, Scotty, Nik, Joanne and Legs, plus the new addition of Minty, a non-goth/punk-type, and extremely nice.  She and Jez got on very well and, at evening’s end, Jez walked her home and they told each other their various tales, stories and problems (Jez’s split-personality, her boy trouble, etc.).  Minty’s at Isle College till June completing her Fashion course before she leaves Wisbech + returns to St Neots.  Jez liked her a lot and she called him ‘a really nice and genuinely lovely person’.


After this, Jez met up with Ash + Legs + they walked Joanne home.


Jez eventually went back to Ash’s.



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Next time: ‘Crapdance…’

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