The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Wednesday, 17 May 1989

Lorca Day

It’s nearly 12am on Thursday…
‘Eardrum Buzz’ – Wire

Today was –
LORCA DAY at Tech, and so we all got involved in various aspects of the works of Federico Garcia, notably BLOOD WEDDING and I was among those doing the Dance work this morning, which was very enjoyable; and it was good watching Jolene (lovely), Kat, Tracey and Emma do the traditional Spanish stuff.  I was impressed.
While I remember, I must watch the repeat of RAPIDO on Sunday for the Stevie Nicks interview.  Now, I’m not a big Fleetwood Mac fan, but I find her somehow fascinating.
I chatted with Jodie today and she asked me if Emma and I fell together this time, or was it a consequence of a certain Maggie leaving College.  I told her the truth; that we had found ourselves getting closer over rehearsals, but I also admitted that if Maggie had stayed on, I would have avoided any other relationships.  I explained that my relationship with Emma was all part of my own insecure need to be with someone.  I will not take things further than kissing Emma.  I know that.  I do not love Emma.  And I’m sure that sooner or later it will come out in the wash, as I told Jodie.  Jodie said she felt it was perhaps a tie I could do without.  I don’t deny that. 
Jodie paid me a great compliment: ‘When people first meet you they get the impression that you’re a joker or something, out for laughs and not at all serious.  You hide your intelligence behind laughter, it seems.  But then, if they get you alone and talk to you for even less than five minutes, they are quickly take by surprise as they discover they are intellectually, spiritually and emotionally way out of their depth…’
I liked that.
Quote: ‘Flash is a nerd…’
Lynn News & Advertiser
I love Wire.
Larry has asked me if I’d like to co-write a 7-part drama he’s doing for the BBC.  The prospect sounds interesting and I am interested, cocker.
Dallas was good tonite. 
It was nice to see Bobby kick the fuck out of some crap bastard.
OH AYE!  Lately I’ve had some strange dreams.  Last nite I dreamt that I was looking at my big toe, fiddling with it + it split open and all this green gunge oozed out.  YAAGH!
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Next time: ‘Manchild Edelweiss…’

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