The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Thursday, 4 May 1989

Keep On Moving



‘Keep On Moving’ – Soul II Soul


‘GROOVE-O!’ yelled Ritcherd.


I’m so tired; too tired and hot to stay long, diary, but today has been quite good.


Work on THE CHINESE PLAY progressed with tape voice-overs being recorded.  They weren’t too effective, so a live/mic voice-over system will be used on the night, I think.  Tracey has made progress on the performance of ‘Fever’.  Marco is organising photo-shoots + video recording for both evenings.  All the actors were assembled today for some very excellent work.  I was all over the place today, so made them do runs, but the bits I worked on closely impressed me greatly.


Actors worthy of commendation today: Jonny Badcock, Gemma Winchester, Emma Goddard and Donna Davidson. 


I left Donna + Jonny in charge of various scenes this afternoon + even if I don’t like their work and change it, at least all those involved will be familiar with the basics of each scene.


Why did I leave them?

I had to go to the offices of the Lynn News & Advertiser for an interview.  Very extensive.  And good fun.  As well as this I was the subject of a photo session for the paper. 


A day of progress.  And heat.


‘Indirect Enquiries’ – Wire


I would have voted in the local elections, but the more I considered my options, the more I realised they were divided, so I abstained.  I really don’t know enough, and I seem to be more left-wing than right-wing, but Thatcher will have done ten years this year.  Just from the basic perspective of ‘standard of living’, I know my own life has been better in the great ‘80s than it was in the jyppo ‘70s.  On that score, economically, the Conservatives seem to have done a good job.  But Labour have my heart, I think.  They will keep the NHS, avoid student loans and scrap the Poll Tax.  But will our family do better under Tory economics, I wonder?  Our family income is small business based.  And maybe if I were to start my own business in future, would I be better served by a Conservative govt?   Or Labour?  The Libs seem not quite clever or strong enough to become government.  I think perhaps the economy and the environment are my chief concerns, politically.  At the moment, I’d favour a Green government.  But my allegiances are not yet settled, so I didn’t vote.  I’m not sure I’m happy with that decision, though.  I need to find out more.


Emma + I were very close today + she’s really ever-so high in my list of great people.  I tried to ring her tonite but I kept getting the wrong number.  I really like her.


Oh, THE CHINESE PLAY had a column in the Eastern Daily Press today.  Not bad, eh?




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Next time: ‘Back to black…’

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