The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Monday, 29 May 1989

Data Coils

Bank Holiday Monday

Filofax Rendering








Hello again.  Back to the plot, eh, folks?



IT IS NOW 7.15pm

‘The Mountain Song’ – Jane’s Addiction


Y’know what bugs me?


In DATA COILS, the ‘pen pal’ feature in DOCTOR WHO MAGAZINE, there’s this kid who lives in Leverington, down the bloody road from me!  SHOX!  SHOX!  So I looked his number up in the phone book. Rang it, and it’s bastard dead.  HOWCUM?!  EH?!  EH?!




I bet he’s about two years old anyway.  I just get this urge, though.  That’s all.  I want a mate to share my DOCTOR WHO moments with.  OHFUCKOFF.



Last nite, I dreamt this…


I was walking through a seaside town, alone.  Then I met up with Kat + she asked me to do her hair for ROCKY HORROR, so I did.  Willock then came over + said she looked gorgeous and thanked me for it (HAR-HAR!), and they walked offtogether.


I walked along the beach and Willock caught up with me + we chatted for ages.  From the air, emanated Holly Johnson’s voice, singing ‘MURDER IN PARADISE’ and then Holly actually ran up to us and started talking about music with Willock.  Holly was wearing a blue, shiny suit and they strolled off to the lapping water’s edge together.  I went in the opposite direction, until I came across Sid Tweedy, Stage Manager at KLCA, walking along, giving a talk to a couple of Marine Biologists about life forms on this stretch of beach.  He spoke of the huge pebbles embedded in the sand, which weren’t actually pebbles, but were, in fact, huge eggs containing ferocious creatures, such as Land-Sharks and other mutations.


I separated myself from the little group, not willing to be eaten alive in the fast approaching time of ‘the great hatching’.  Then I turned and saw the distant figures of Willock + Holly talking – about me, I presumed – and ran off, realising that I didn’t want anything at all to do with Willock.


My second dream was me walking through Wisbech Sunday Market, which was now a series of sheds.  I was talking to someone, beckoning them to follow me as I looked in all the sheds.  All were full of junk, except one.  ‘There,’ I yelled.  ‘We can do it here!’  I turned + Jolene was there and she + I were to make love.  ‘What’s in the next shed?’ she asked.  I opened it and it was full of junk.  At the front of which was an old ironing board.  ‘Full of junk,’ I said.  ‘Let’s make love in the empty one.’  ‘No,’ she said, ‘let’s do it on the ironing board…’



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Next time: ‘A Dream of Mr Dairv…’

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