The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Sunday, 28 May 1989

Big Dream Entry

10.20pm, or thereabouts.




‘Moonchild (Longevity)’ – Fields of the Nephilim


First time I’ve listened to this in ages.  It strikes me that Carl McCoy must be potty.  Damn good record, though.


My muscles ache and my body’s buggered.


What a week!


I’m growing my nails again.




‘Blue Monkey Creates Another Stalin’
Brendan McCarthy, Crisis, 1989


I completed John Lucarotti’s DOCTOR WHO novel, THE MASSACRE, today.

It was fantastically brilliant.  These recent historical novelisations seem to have so much more depth than the sci-fi ones, and Lucarotti seems to know what he’s on about, so I’ve just started another of his WHO novels, MARCO POLO.

It’s VERY promising.


I’m fucked.






‘One Small Day’ – Ultravox




Last nite, I dreamed I went shopping in a Canadian supermarket with Flash and we bought various foodstuffs for a party.


Well, we had the party on an Inter-City train, with some friends and the College Principal.  Once the train stopped, we all got off, but then Flash + I realised we’d left some food behind and my leather jacket, so we rushed back on to get them.  The Principal followed, to stop us, but the train set off and we couldn’t get off until it arrived at London King’s Cross.  When it did, we got off + had to buy tickets back to Pontefract.  Flash + the Principal got theirs, then I went for mine.

‘How much?’

‘That’ll be £19.11, please.’

So, I handed the woman a fiver, saying, ‘There’s twenty quid.’

‘Thank you, love.’

I couldn’t believe I hadn’t noticed it was a fiver, and I was doubly shocked when she gave me a £20 note, saying, ‘There’s a fiver change, love.’


With some time to kill, we all went to a sweet shop where there was a massive queue.  I decided I would spend all my money on a massive feats of sweets + comics.  But looking, I realised it was no longer a £20 note, it was in fact a 20 peseta note – therefore, not legal tender in this country.


Suddenly, one of the kids who put up the scaffolding in The Walks for MACBETH came up to me and said, ‘There – I’ll get you some spice!’ and he proceeded to stash loads of food + drinks + comics in the pockets, bags + hands of the customers.  Then the police arrived and arrested us all, as this kid walked off, grinning.




‘Pink Sunshine’ – Fuzzbox


I also dreamt THIS at Ash’s last nite:

…Some nutter asking me if I knew Mick Fleetwood + why was he always pissing on people’s drum kits?


Then I had another dream, which was, honestly, absolutely terrifying.  I was trapped in a building with loads of friends after an alien invasion.  The aliens had backed us all into a small room + were requesting, over a Tannoy, that we surrender.  Which is when we all realised who they were: DALEKS! 

This scared me totally shitless.  And as one Dalek burst in, indiscriminately opening fire, we all attacked it, smashing in its dome with bits of wood, so it retreated.  Similar variations on this scenario occurred about four times until the Daleks declared they were bored of it all and were going to resort to special tactics.  We all ran through a rear exit, into a huge, concreted yard, terrified.  As we ran, I turned to see an armed Imperial Stormtrooper, and my legs felt unable to carry me. 

By my side, Jonny Badcock fell dead as he was shot down and Darren Marsh yelled that he would cover me as the trooper shot again.  But Darren was killed and then, I too was shot and blackness enveloped me.


The next dream was odd, too.  I was in a car, driving along country lanes + then I noticed that, all over, scarecrows in fields were, bizarrely, coming to life.  Luckily, it was all part of a new movie being made + I went to the pub with the film crew.  But that was SO scary; seeing those scarecrows, you know?



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Next time: ‘Data Coils…’

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