The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Friday, 5 May 1989

Back to Black

My Friday with DAS GOFFS ‘N’ ROCKAS


‘Paradise City’ – Guns ‘N’ Roses


Hello, babies!  Ritcherd isn’t here today.  He can’t make it.  So here I am instead…


Today, Ritcherd was involved in various things – mainly CHINESE PLAY rehearsals of the ‘Fever’ scene (choreographed by Tracey Joyce) and the ‘Paper Bag’ scene.  I also cemented what it is I’ll be requiring of the backstage folks.  When Larry Goodgirl got involved and made it harder and more onerous than it need to be, we all fell out with him.


As well as this, Simon Lewis + Josh Wilde were badly beaten up in The Walks by a gang of unknowns.


Oh, and Ritcherd + Flash were featured in a WISBECH STANDARD article.


But tonite, I, Jez DeCarlo, hit the Groovy Scene once again.  Hah-hah!  Ritcherd there, in his 501s + t-shirt with his greased-back hair gave way to me in my old goth gear, but now more punked up.  I am so groovy, lover-chops.

Yes!  IVAN from ‘Crisis’ comic is my HERO!


So, I went out to The Angel, where I met up with Ash and Alice and Doody and Emily.  Ash was pissed off cos Angela (phwoar!), his ex, was with a kid called Mooney.  Ash’s v. jealous.  VERY.  Especially as she was seeing Mooney BEFORE she finished with him!


On top of this, we all called a competition, a bet, a race, between me, Ash, Legs, and Alice to see who can be the first to have sex with Doody’s girlfriend, Emily.  Legs looks like he might be in the lead, but I’m getting close.


When the pub shut, the four of us went on a Wisbech rampage – trying to lose Alice most of the time!  It transpired, anyway, that Ash is crazy for Kat Hill!  Would you credit it?  GOD!  So I’ve got to ask her – on his request – if she’d like a relationship!


We all had a good pissed-up laugh anyway.




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Next time: ‘Rock ‘N’ Gore…’

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