The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Tuesday, 23 May 1989


‘Tusk’ – Fleetwood Mac


I’ve had a letter from Emma.  She wrote it at 11 minutes past 10pm, when she was ‘extremely tired’, but she wrote it for me because I’m ‘a pain’ and asked her to.  She thanks me for my last letter and tells me she’s become attached to my shirt, which she ‘borrowed’.  She says she’s pleased that we finally got back together, although she honestly feels that the time we spent apart did us good.  She notes my observation that she’s changed since we first met and she agrees; she’s no longer scared to say what she thinks.  She wants us to spend a lot of time together, but also wants time with her friends.  She says she likes me when I act ‘silly’, ‘sweet’ and ‘passionate’; she likes that we can have serious conversations and a laugh as well.  That said, she does seem to suggest that we shouldn’t push things too hard; we should take it easy and see how things go.




‘New York City’ – T Rex


Sweet Transvestite


Been working on stuff for Dance. 


I’ve been dancing in this heat all nite ‘n’ now I’ve got a headache + I want to be sick.















‘What Is Love?’ – Howard Jones


Today, we went to KLCA and Daniel showed me what my job was to be.  I sit in the pit with the band (rock band not orchestra), reading along with the script + cuing the band in a very loud voice, ‘GO!’ so they play each song on time.


At lunch, I went off to Tech + met up with MAGGIE and we went to the pub, which wasn’t too enjoyable because Vinnie + Dom were there and they were so ‘Oh, we’re rock ‘n’ rollers because we get drunk and don’t have jobs, etc’.  It was very boring.


Maggie was a dream to look at, though.  And she gave me the key to her locker, so now it’s mine!  MINE!  ALL MINE!


Then, back to KLCA for a run-through of ROCKY HORROR, which looks VERY promising.


This evening, at home and in the nude, I rehearsed my Dance piece to an ERASURE track.  After rehearsing for 3 hours in this baking heat, I felt violently sick + had a headache + dizziness.  WHY?  EH?  THEN?  EH?  IT BASTARD HURTS!


Why don’t my Gran + Granddad Pritchard seem to approve when I wear a skirt?




That new comedy show, Absolutely, is good.



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Next time: ‘Rocky Horror at KLCA…’

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