The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Sunday, 30 April 1989

Shame About Maggie



‘Yahoo!’ – Erasure




Well, well, well…  It’s been an incredible 4 months so far, has 1989.  They seem to have passed by like nothing.  But, under analysis, a lot has happened in those months.


The first third of 1989 has been: Flash, Maggie, Raquel, Natalia, THE CHINESE PLAY, college work, Emma, friendships, tensions, sex romps, self-discovery (at last, I know who I am + what I want!  At last!), Erasure, Pet Shop Boys, Yello, Pop Will Eat Itself, Wire, new feelings + a lot of fun.


Shame about Maggie. 


God, what am I saying?  It’s downright atrocious + unfair about that lovely girl.  At least I will have THAT photograph + that’ll be the focus for a set of memories that will never leave me.


She was truly gorgeous.


As April ends, May approaches.  A year now since Suzi (who still remains something of a mystery to me).  She was really nice.  May will be magic.  THE CHINESE PLAY will be a miserable disaster, but I’m sure I’ll still be able to hold my head high at the attempt.  I am glad to be who I am; yes, true, my nose is a little too big, I have a few spots too many but, in spite of that, my life is something of a treasure + a success.


By 3am in the morning of May 1st, my parents and Chip will be driving to Stansted Airport, ready to depart for Majorca, Spain on a 7am flight.  As Jack is staying elsewhere, this means I shall be spending the first two weeks of May all alone here at Blackberry Narrow.  Have a wonderful holiday, folks.




Let our hearts rise, let us set our beauty free.  I love you all, my special people xxxx




FART AS: Ritcherd gets angry at the Chinese!


SCREAM AS: Ritcherd resurrects a lost love!


-          Future Ritcherd]




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Next time: ‘Annie Hall…’

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