The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Wednesday, 26 April 1989

President's Ball 1989

‘Friend Or Foe’ – Adam Ant


Today, I attempted to resolve my issues with “Practice Makes Perfect”.  You know, none of the teachers – or indeed members of the group – had previously told me that this performance was actually to be assessed as their final exam.  That put things in a different light and I feel much more sympathetic towards them now.  We all discussed our hassles + realised that there were games being played between both tutors and college management.  There’s something political going on above our heads that has left both sides of the ‘argument’ in the dark.  I could only apologise for any upset I might have caused.  To be honest, I no longer have what I believed I was setting out to achieve back in February, but I understand the situation better now and have chosen to accept it.




‘Stop! (Extended)’ – Erasure


Tonite was The President’s Ball student disco at the Regis Rooms.  I got ready for it at about 5pm and at 6pm, little Julian Ward + I went to SAINSBURY’S where I purchased and then downed rather lots of LAGER + proceeded to be quickly very drunk.  Julian + I talked and, apparently, Emma had been very upset when we split up, which made me sad.  Roger turned up then – pissed – and we went into the Regis Rooms.  The evening got gradually underway and Gemma, Emma, Charley + all of TS1 and PA O-level arrived + we got silly.  Well, I did, anyway.


The disco was great.  Roger bought me loads of drink + we talked over the ‘olden days’.  Apparently, he + Suz are having ‘time off’ from their relationship, so he’s meeting up with Gillian Munden in Norwich next weekend.  He said I can go with him if I want.


Sally Watson + I had a groovy dance together to Erasure.  Actually, I danced to most of the records.  I also had a long chat with Gemma about The Cure and that was nice.  Jo Wedonska was there also, getting off with Carl Morris who has now left Tech to become a painter/decorator.  Lots of people have left since we started in September, long before their time.  Jo + I had a long chat and she says she misses me and can’t believe how much I’ve changed (for the better, she says).  She said she found me a lot more confident + assertive.  Good, I hope I am.


I chatted a little with Hamster and asked her if Maggie is going out with either Vinnie or Dom.  She said not, and then told me I ought to try and get on better with her.  Hamster and I danced a lot and had a good laugh.  She was good company and we got on really well which felt unusual.  Maybe we’re both growing up.  She wouldn’t stop covering me in kisses, either…


‘Sensoria’ – Cabaret Voltaire



Eventually, I got talking to a girl called Joni.  She’s on my bus and we never speak.  She’s a ‘friend’ of Elizabeth.  She’s also in the corridor on my CHINESE PLAY video!  We just chatted for ages ‘n’ hours and it transpires that she does in fact go out with old TRIANGLIA mate Danny Oliver.  She was good company + we are now definitely friends, topping our evening by having a couple of ‘smoochy’ slow dances together.  No kissing though; nothing in it.


Oh, and if the new SU President asks, I wasn’t anything to do with the huge gang of people who ripped his jeans off.  HONEST!


So I lie?  So what?


Even though Jonny didn’t go to the disco, he’s been kind enough to let me stay the nite at his place.  That’s so good of him.



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Next time: ‘Missive from Maggie…’

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