The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Tuesday, 18 April 1989

Practice Makes Perfect?

‘In God We Trust’ – Alien Sex Fiend


TODAY, I redesigned the CHINESE PLAY poster totally and utterly, adding a little portion for BARRY’S BEST RIDE by ‘the other group’.  This is now causing the usual controversy. 




Well, when I did ‘final drafts’ of the poster on Monday, I realised didn’t know what the other group was called.  It was lesson time and no-one was around to ask, so out of nowhere I plucked a company name that I quite liked – Practice Makes Perfect? – and put that on, just as a place-holder for Larry to look at and get an idea of what I was doing.


Well, today, I asked Shelley the name of the other ‘company’, showing her my Practice Makes Perfect? design and explaining how the real name would be pasted over.  She asked me why there was a question-mark at the end of the name and I explained that it was a kind of ‘in-joke’ because almost half the cast were also in The Chinese Play under the guise of The Situation Theatre Company.  She liked that.  She then told me they’d decided to call themselves The Stimulating Theatre Company.  Frighteningly similar to The Situation Theatre Company, I thought, but off I went and got to work on making lettering for the ‘new’ company name.


A while later, Shelley came over + said ‘We quite like ‘Practice Makes Perfect?’ now – is there any chance of you leaving it as it was?’  Luckily, I had only just finished the new lettering on a separate strip of paper, which I hadn’t yet glued on; and although I was a bit annoyed that I’d just spent ages wasting my time, I also felt happy that the posters were now officially finished.  I merrily agreed to Shelley’s request and sent the design off to be printed.


Then, this afternoon, Sally Watson laid into me, right out of the blue.  She was furious with my design, most especially because: a) she maintained they were still called ‘Stimulating’, and b) she felt the question-mark made them look rubbish.  I was a bit upset that she’d taken it all the wrong way, as if I was casting aspersions on their abilities or something.  Half of them are in MY show, Sally, so that’s just not true!  Fortunately, Shelley stepped in and – with a great display of maturity - took responsibility for the decision, but this didn’t stop Sally being furious with me, and very rude.  Then the rest of her group joined in!


All I can say is, ‘Fuck off and do your own posters!’  And while we’re at it, I’d like to say that you might want to negotiate and facilitate your own ventures in future.  Can’t quite believe that Donna and I had to attend painful, awkward, brain-melting meetings and create proposals for The Chinese Play to appear at the KLCA, and then – through the back door – two other shows just step in on our coat-tails and don’t have to put any of that administrative effort in.  I know I’m being petty, but I wish these kids would get off my fucking back.  Sally made me so angry.  Jodie was furious with her too.






‘I Wanna Be A Toy’ – Dead Or Alive


I saw Maggie today, but only for about five minutes.  I really like her, folks.  Y’know? 


Mmmmmm.  Mmmmmm.  Mmmmmm.  Mmmmmm.  Mmmmmm.  Mmmmm. 




I am an Ent.



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Next time: ‘Top billing…’

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