The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Sunday, 2 April 1989

Pop Idols



‘Americanos’ – Holly Johnson


Going to church in a little while for Chip’s birthday church celebration.  Not my thing, but it passes the time, doesn’t it?


I bet something will put me off Maggie tomorrow.  I can just tell.  And if she has finished with Simon, she’ll be going out with somebody else.


Y’know, the ones you really want, really like, never happen!


I had a brilliant WORLD WAR THREE dream last nite.


And Holly Johnson is fantastique.





‘Chains of Love’ – Erasure


I think my current ‘pop’ idols are:





















Or maybe they’re not, but I wanted to record their names and say that I think they’ve been skill in their careers at some time or other…


Ritcherd J Winterfood, last of the famous international playboys, ha-ha-ha!



The nite before, I’d had that dream where I was in a shop with BMW and then she + I lfet to talk things over at her house.  Well, last nite I dreamt of waking up in her room, in her bed.  She was nowhere to be seen (gone to college) + her mum (quite out of character) came in and brought me breakfast.  Next thing I know, it’s World War Three and the Soviets have occupied SRI LANKA where they are producing vast quantities of chemical weapons that will wipe out the human populations of the West, whilst preserving all other flora and fauna!  Despite this, a taskforce of British commandoes has built a secret base on the coast, liaising with deep cover Sri Lankan resistance who are causing chaos at the perimeter of the chemical plant.  So!  Guess who was one of the commandoes?  Me.  And there I was, in a trench in the rain and mud, shooting at Russian soldiers.


Eventually, the Russians retreated + my boss, played by Julian Glover

…sent me on the mission to find out when the first chemical strike was due.  I was to meet resistance fighters who were alleged to possess captured documents.  Wearily, after trekking through the deep nite in torrential rain (with thunder and lightning), I waded into a jungle, constantly fighting off tarantulas.


Finally, I reached a clearing, and saw, towering above the jungle, the fantastically huge chemical plant, dark + terrifying, pumping vile smog into the atmosphere.  I met up with the resistance + we looked at files and blueprints in their base/shack, until the rest of my squad arrived – scaring me to death, because they managed to surprise me and if they’d been Soviets I would have been slaughtered.  Next thing, one of ‘our’ planes flew over, dropping fresh supplies in readiness for our daring attack on the plant.


Which never happened.  I woke up, see?


College tomorrow.  Haven’t spoken to Emma for about two weeks.


MAGGIE – oh!  Let us be!


I’ve been trying my hand at song-writing again…




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Next time: ‘Maggie Obsession…’

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