The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Friday, 14 April 1989

Naughty But Nice



‘Sixty-Five Thousand’ – Erasure


As part of the Performing Arts course, Donna and I had to be interviewed an assessed regarding our progress on THE CHINESE PLAY.  It’s all going well fine.


Where are we up to now?

Marita is writing to more colleges + sixth forms, plus radio + TV, and sending my press release packs.  Speaking of such things, Will’s spelling + grammar is appalling.  Never mind.  Larry has asked us to make a promo video – which we’ll need to shoot next week – to be on permanent display in the KLCA (Fermoy) foyer.


The programme of events for May 9 + 10 currently looks like this:


Barry’s Big Ride performed by the O-level Performing Arts group

Spicy Chips performed by Theatre Studies II

The Chinese Play by Situation Theatre Company (comprised of BTEC Performing Arts)


During our interview there was a fabulous thunderstorm.






‘Rhythm Divine’ – Yello


I got a Chinese take-away from LOLA’S tonight.  ‘DAVE/DAIRV’ took my order, and when he was in the kitchens, I heard him shout to ‘BOY’, ‘Jeff, have a look how many chips we have left!’




This means that Jeff is, in fact, the name of ‘BOY’ not ‘DAVE’.  So what’s ‘DAVE’ really called?  Or are there two Jeffs?  Maybe we’ll never really know…


I had to chuckle when he good-humouredly asked me if I’d ‘sobbered up since ‘t’other nite, then?’  At least the air’s cleared, even if the mystery hasn’t!


Raquel came over + we three got very pissed: 1 bottle of wine, 2 litres of lager, 2 litres of cider + another 4 pack of lager.  Well weelehed!  Unusual incidents followed.  Odd, but fun sexy stuff.  They argued later on – not over the sexy stuff – but general relationship hassles.  I won’t go into any further details.  Not till I’m a wiser man, at least.




‘You Spin Me Right Round’ – Dead Or Alive


Did it all REALLY happen?


Yes, tonite, Ritcherd, Raquel + Flash played ‘Let’s suck each other’s nipples’, swiftly followed by Raquel’s game of ‘Pissing in a margarine tub’, and then Rictherd + Flash’s game of ‘Let’s drink Raquel’s piss out of the margarine tub’ (the enjoyment of which was somewhat marred by the fact that the tub, though empty, was still greasy), after which we all played ‘Raquel lies in the bath and lets Ritch + Flash piss all over her’.  Quite chuffy really.  Another new experience, eh?



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Next time: ‘Melancholy Ritch…’

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