The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Thursday, 27 April 1989

Missive From Maggie

It’s 9.30pm


‘Oochy Koochy’ – Baby Ford


Yes, Baby Ford are on the VCR.  I’m babysitting.  Chip’s in bed + I really want him to shut up crying.




Today, I bought the 10-inch version of Pop Will Eat Itself’s new single.





‘Ship Of Fools’ – Erasure




I’ve loads to tell, but I’m too tired.


Some thoughts:

THE CHINESE PLAY + BARRY – all sorted.  Peace at last.








TS 1.




WEDGIE, etc.





So there.







‘A Question of Time’ – Depeche Mode


I tried ringing Natalia tonight.  Not in.


Today, I was visited by MAGGIE.  She gave me a letter.


It was in an envelope this time.  In it, she tells me she’s definitely leaving.  She jokes that I’ll find someone else to chat with at break-times and jokingly suggests Leighton.  She says she thought I was in a strange mood on Tuesday and asks if I’m OK.  She’s been spending most of her time at Verity’s or down the pub with Vinnie + Dom.  She says it wasn’t the best way to get over the flu.  She then asks me if I’ve spoken to Simon at all.  She says he’s been giving her ‘drop down dead’ looks.  She says she’s hoping to get a place with Verity in King’s Lynn next year – and if she does she wants me to hang out with her.  She asks me what I think of her biker’s jacket (which she’s christened ‘Clover the Dead Cow’) and she says Hamster is jealous of it.  She says she had an ‘awful’ weekend (‘everything went horribly wrong’).  She’s hoping to go drinking in Norwich tomorrow, at the Jacquard, but observes that whenever she goes to a place like that, some girl always decided she doesn’t like the look of her + has a go!  ‘Mind you,’ she says, ‘I can take care of myself!’  She asks me to write to her again and offers to give me her address next time I see her.  She then has her tea, but complains that Plaxtole House food leaves a lot to be desired – this meal tasting ‘like cat-sick’.  She says she does hate college, but that she’s going to miss everyone when she’s left, and she insists that I stay in touch.  Then, as she signs off, she tells me she’s listening to the tape I did her and tells me how great ‘America’ by Throwing Muses is.  She signs off with three kisses.


It was good of her to come in and find me to give me the letter.  I didn’t prompt her to.  I must mean something to her.  Likewise with the address business.


I am happy.



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Next time: ‘Wise Up!  Sucker…’

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