The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Monday, 17 April 1989

Maggie Misery



‘Coal Mind’ – Siouxsie and the Banshees


Chip’s birthday today.  GOD!  2 years old already, eh?


So how did today go, Jez?


I got home at 1.30am, and didn’t sleep at all on the car journey home.  I ate food + got to bed at 2.30am, but definitely didn’t get any shut-eye before 3.45am.  And, until I got up at 6am, I succumbed to gross fragments of dreams + nocturnal disturbances that weren’t really ANYTHING (although I recall glimpsing excerpts from Crisis comics).  The whole night was unnerving and for no reason.


I dressed today in blue jeans, tassel belt, 40p belt, leather biker’s jacket, eye-liner, quiffed-up hair, my Cuban-heeled boots, and the much coveted 1988 black, frilly goth shirt from SHOCK (the first time I’ve worn it this year!).


In college, I saw Maggie straight away (at about 8.45am) and she gave me her completed Chinese Play poster (a little too late, but I’ll use it on our KLCA display + then on my bedroom wall).  She told me that on Friday she finished with Simon and that it’s now all over with.  She then went to a lesson.

I would have spoken to her at break, but Leighton was talking with her and I’m having nothing to do with him now he’s hanging about with Willock again.  I did see her at 2pm, in her Art Room.  We chatted vaguely about Siouxsie& the Banshees.  I told her I’d been listening to them and in mock shock she pointed out that this was a funny coincidence, given that they’re her favourite group.  I asked her if I ought to stop being so obvious and just go away.  Laughing, she said ‘Yes.’  But then she handed me THE sexy photo of her, telling me she was very happy for me to make a copy.  WOOOOOOGH!  I was stunned and thrilled.  It’s an absolutely gorgeous picture.  It really is.


‘Flame’ – Gene Loves Jezebel


At afternoon break, she seemed depressed and was avoiding some git she used to go out with.  I was shocked when she told me she’s leaving college at the end of this academic year.  That does my head in, I have to say.


From 3pm, I was working on posters + at about 3.30pm she came to see me.  We went to the Art Rooms together to look for some materials.  I asked her if she’d meet me at 4.15pm, telling her she didn’t have to say yes if she didn’t want to.  She told me she never does anything she doesn’t want to do and WOULD meet me. 


As it was, she met me at 4pm.  I told her we need more time together, to talk together.  She agreed.  I walked her to the college gates + she told me she’ll write to me when she gets the chance.


I really like her, you know?  What gets me is that tonite I KNOW she’s at Verity’s cooking dinner for Vinnie + Dom.  It bugs me.  I want to be with her.  She knows it.





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Next time: ‘Practice makes perfect?’

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