The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Tuesday, 4 April 1989

Finishing with Emma



‘River Deep, Mountain High’ – Erasure


Natalia just rang and she hated France because she came out in a rash all over her body and it has defied medical science!  Plus, her dad’s had to have a lung out (he lives apart from her + her mum – divorced) and Nat feels guilty because she’s not feeling worried about him.  She rang so I might cheer her up, and I think I managed it.  Anyway, in five weeks she’ll be coming to see THE CHINESE PLAY at the Fermoy  Oops!  I mean, the King’s Lynn Centre for the Arts as it’s now called.



Larry asked us to prepare a ‘press package’ as part of our course work.  I handed mine in today and Larry was well chuffed with it.  So was I!  But he really seems grooved out by it.  We discussed my plans and it seems we’re aiming for TV + radio coverage, as well as newspapers etc, and we’re hoping to generate tonnes of ‘hype’ on it.  There’s a photo session on Wednesday as well as letters going off to people at the weekend.  I’ve also got new handbills + posters to get designed.  IT’LL BE ACE!  Tickets go on sale as of tomorrow: £4.50 each, concessions £2.50.  Golly gosh!


The weather was an illogical sod today.  It snowed!


‘Love Train (12-inch mix)’ – Holly Johnson



(and related things)


Wooo.  Golly shit and guilt.  Emma and I got together today to discuss our ‘relationship’ and she said that there’s no point in it going on the way it has been.  And I agreed, telling her – tactfully – why I think we differ.  ‘I’m just another on your list,’ she said.  Then there was a long silence, after which she said, ‘So we leave it, then?’  ‘Yeah,’ I replied, wanting to add, ‘as long as we part on good terms.’  I was hoping we might become better friends than before.  I didn’t get the chance to say it, though, because she stormed off, upset.




I wanted to speak to Maggie this morning, but I never got to her ‘bit’ of the Common Room, so didn’t.  I eventually cornered her at break at the Ceramics Block, and…


R: Hi.

M: Hello.  How are you?

R: Fine.  Had another groovy evening at Plaxtole House?

M: Oh yeah.  Simon came down – a little worse for wear.


We arranged to meet at lunch, and did so.  We chatted at length, and, in great detail, I poured out my recent Emma issues.  She talked about Simon (who had avoided her all day) and told me he’d got drunk before calling on her last nite.  He was so drunk, she felt there was no point in him being there, although she voided telling him that to his face.  Apparently, she’s still fond of an old boyfriend – Frank – which fucked me off, and I made sure she knew it.  I tried to get to know her better and we talked for about an hour.  She even told me that she’d seen someone in the holiday that WASN’T Simon!  She made m promise not to tell, though.  Weirdly and funnily enough, her infidelity sparked a glimmer of hope within me.


God, it all escapes me right now, but we spoke of tonnes of things and I got the impression that she likes me.  She must do, because if she didn’t, I just KNOW she’d say; she’s so outspoken.  But it does seem she wants it over and done with, with Simon.  Mmmmm.


At afternoon break, Simon finally came in to see her and they spoke fuck all at each other.  He was very moody, too.  Never seen him like that…


At 4.15pm, I saw her and apparently Simon hadn’t spoken a word, but had arranged to meet her in the foyer.  He wasn’t there, though.  As I said goodbye, she relented and lent me THAT BEST PHOTO OF HER.  It is GORGEOUS, folks!


Roll on, the morning, even if we do have Dance first thing…






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Next time: ‘Ace thoughts…’

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