The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Saturday, 29 April 1989

Comic Haul

It’s 6pm


‘Peek-a-Boo’ by Siouxsie + the Banshees has just come on the video.


‘Peek-a-Boo’ – Siouxsie & the Banshees


I want a bath, and then I want to go on the sun-bed.


Last nite, I dreamt that Flash came to stay + I had some secret documents that I had been told he must not see, so I spent ages hiding them from him.  Raquel also came to stay + we were all naked + talking.  Flash told me he dreams about me a lot.  But then news came over the radio that the Sea Devils had invaded, so I went out and bought the Target book of Doctor Who and the Sea Devils.  When I opened it, a finger sized Sea Devil fell out and I ate it, but it tasted like an off-pilchard, so I ran to the bathroom looking for cooking instructions.  Couldn’t find any.  Then Flash + I were instructed to attack the embassy of a foreign power that was using the Sea Devils to attack the UK.  We both wore purple/pink Sgt. Pepper uniforms + as we charged the embassy we caught a pirate.  Flash held onto the pirate as we kicked in the door, but as they stepped over the threshold, their clothes magically swapped!  I said, ‘I liked that effect!  I want to see it again.’  Flash said, ‘Rewind it, then.’  But suddenly, from around a corner came two armed guards, but I had enough time to press my remote control and rewound everything.  Obviously, I wasn’t affected, and when I pressed ‘stop’, Flash turned to me and said, ‘At least we’ll know they’re coming now.’  But I was more interested in using my remote control to rewind time – and space – to visit New York a hundred years ago.  Flash grabbed it off me and left me behind as he fast-forwarded to my future and visited me as an old man.


Crap, eh?


‘Destroy the Heart’ – House of Love


Today, I’ve been to Peterborough.  I went at 10am with Danny Black and Astra Trellis + quite enjoyed it, in spite of not knowing where the HOUSE ON THE BORDERLAND comics shop had moved to.  We found it in the end, though.


I bought book c of THE PRISONER: Shattered Visage


…this week’s Crisis, and Black Orchid book two…


…all of which I’m quite chuffed by.  I will endeavour to buy the graphic novel, BLOOD, the remaining issues of STRAY TOASTERS, book d of THE PRISONER, the remaining issues of BLACK ORCHID, and MELTDOWN.


When I got home, I tried ringing Natalia.  She’s never in.


Now… I’m still thinking about another female of rather more endearing proportions who has given me much sadness.  Yes, it’s sadness.  I cannot overcome my feelings of sadness.


I love you, dear friend xxx



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Next time: ‘Shame about Maggie…’

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