The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Friday, 7 April 1989

Burn Again

‘Imagination’ – Erasure


Here I am again, keeping you abreast and afoot and a verybigspottynose as to what’s what in the world of THE SITUATION CORPORATION (incorporating The Situation Theatre Company) as it currently bides in EAST ANGLIA.


Work has begun once again on THE CHINESE PLAY for its first theatre performances on May 9th + 10th.  A schedule for the next five weeks has been prepared.  This new production will be slightly different to the February version (hopefully faster-paced, with more sex + violence!), and will possibly feature new music too.  The characters of ‘Eddie’ (Ron Johnson) and ‘Thorsten’ (Julian Ward) are also expected to be expanded.  Rumour had it that a certain Mr Winterfood would be quitting the role of ‘Richard’ in favour of another actor, but that is beginning to seem unlikely at this late stage.


A photo session with student photographer Marco Di-Fonzo was attempted today, but due to lack of administrative support, it was ultimately cancelled.  A new session will be attempted on Wednesday 13th.


New to the crew of THE CHINESE PLAY, is Will Daniels (with whom I developed the panto), who joins the Publicity team – welcome aboard, Will!  Tracey Joyce (who plays ‘Lola’) has also signed up as part of the Backstage team.


Rehearsals will commence on Monday 11th April, with the first full-cast rehearsal taking place on Thursday 14th.


The first wave of pre-publicity has begun and the play is now officially advertised in the Fermoy Centre’s programme.  Tickets (in a very attractive pink colour) go on sale on Monday 11th April at £4.50/£2.50 and are being printed at the KLCA (Fermoy).  Posters + programmes are of course under the jurisdiction of Mr Winterfood, who’s had trouble attempting to create something suitably ‘mass market’.  Press releases have been drafted by Mr Winterfood and form part of a very attractive press package, all of which were posted today.  All local King’s Lynn and Wisbech newspapers have been contacted, along with sixth forms and colleges in Norfolk + Cambridgeshire.  Radio Norfolk, Hereward Radio and Anglia TV will also be contacted with interview offers.  Show displays will be erected at the venue.


So, The Chinese Play, Tuesday 9th + Wednesday 10th May 1989 is GO!





‘Fire Woman’ – The Cult



TODAY, Maggie didn’t come in at first, which seemed a shame because I’d done her a mix-tape + written her a letter.  Finally, though, she did come in at the very end of the day.  I saw her + she agreed to write back.




‘Phantom Bride’ – Erasure


I have just finished reading a Marvel Graphic Novel that Danny lent me: Daredevil: Born Again.

It was absolutely brilliant.  FABULOUS.



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Next time: ‘Work and Leisure…’

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