The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Sunday, 19 March 1989

The Return of Stan Lampwick

Dear diary, it’s 1.50pm.


‘You Came’ – Kim Wilde


And holidays are dull.  So there you go.  HEIGH HO!


Sorry I didn’t go + see you, Natalia; have a nice time.


Berwin Groomstool is a HUGE craze at college at the moment.  Jonny + Simon, in particular, are mad on him!




‘Let’s Go Round There’ – Darling Buds


Today, I had a ‘curious twist of fate’ happen.  A phone call from one STAN LAMPWICK.  Remember him?  He asked me over + told me he’d sent me a letter + wanted us to be mates again (we haven’t been in touch for about six months, due to 1988’s tense summer + much misunderstanding).  I accepted his olive branch/invitation to revive our friendship.  He is staying at his mum’s in Tilney, and we agreed a meeting would be most nostalgic.  I think it was around this time last year that we were as close as we’ve ever been.


Stan and his brother Russell came over for me in Russ’ car.  Stan was wearing patchwork trousers, German para boots + a multi-sprayed biker’s jacket.  His hair is now short and gingery-brown in colour.  Russ wore a Jesus + Mary Chain t-shirt.  I remember them.


Betty later told me that she thought Stan looked ‘awful’.  I said, ‘Oh, I don’t know – at least he’s being what he wants to be.’  ‘No he’s not,’ she said.  ‘He hasn’t got a clue what he wants to be.  Unlike you, he’s still a kid.’






Stan may well be ‘a kid’ still (even though he’s actually a bit older than me), but is he still struggling to find himself?  Is he hiding behind a confused statement as Betty seemed to suggest?  I don’t know.  I do feel somehow as if I’m about a year ahead of Stan in terms of maturity and education, but I feel like I’m the one who hasn’t a clue where he is emotionally right now – or where I want to be.  I feel so out of any kind of ‘scene’ at the moment.  I’m just being myself, I guess, and that’s what I’ve always been – just me; but I feel a bit dull sometimes just lately.  I’ve been thinking about growing my hair again, too.  I miss it.  And that feels kind of sad.


‘Walk Away’ – The Sisters Of Mercy


At Stan’s mum’s, I met Russ’s girlfriend + she cooked us a Stan/Jez classic: sausage, beans + chips (with sauce) dinner.  Afterwards, I had a little tour of BADGER HOUSE again and the memories came flooding back.


Stan + I got on well, chatting of today + yesterday.  He said he’d been out of touch because he didn’t think I wanted to know him anymore.  He’d also been a little pissed off about the Lynda thing, but he said it’s all in the past now and he has no hard feelings.  He said he’d missed me and described our past adventures as ‘bitter-sweet’.  The arrogance + stupidity really has been whittled away on both our parts.  We even did an impromptu jam of ‘If It Wasn’t For the Reason that I Love You’ on acoustic guitar.


Stan’s going out with a girl called Beck and has been for four months – Russ’s girlfriend is her best mate.  They’re thinking of moving in together over the summer.  He’s now got a job in a communications place, which he says is well acker and groovy.  He still loves Berwin Groomstool, too.  He’s in a folk rock band called Very Small Sea Dragon.  Musically, he’s into: NMA, Crop Dusters, Sea Urchins, The Shamen, My Bloody Valentine, Diamanda Galas, The Pixies, Throwing Muses and lots of Indie and Irish folk stuff.


Apparently all is changing in NORWICH; there’s no big scene any more, just lots of little pockets, and Stan hangs out with the Crusties.  Harry’s got rid of his beard + wears leopard skin trousers; Belinda is nicer; Suzi is no longer around (lots of people have stopped ‘showing out’ and others have moved away); Sage’s still the same (and often asks after me); Alex and Johnny haven’t changed either; Naomi Bell’s ‘trendying-out’ (and also asks after me); and Sally, who used to have hair like ‘Frankenstein’s Bride’ is now fully into Dance music and Acid house, dressing like Yazz, with short blonde hair (I’m stunned!).


So Stan + I are friends again.  Surprisingly enough, I’m very pleased about that.  It’s also flattering to know that he has photos of me + Flash on the walls of his flat in Norwich.



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Next time: ‘Gangster dreams…’

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