The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Saturday, 25 March 1989

Piss Video

It must be all of 9 o’clock at nite, my dearest diary…


‘Another Race’ – Yello


Last nite, Flash had some brilliant half-dreams, talking to me in semi-sleep, which was hilarious!


Flash: ‘Eh?’

Me: ‘What?’

Flash: ‘Oh.  Sorry.  I thought you said, “Are you intrigued?”’

Me: ‘No.’

Flash: ‘I thought you sounded far away.’


Later, he was just stupid, but it killed me – I was in fits + fits + fits + fits!


Today, Raquel came over, bringing Flash a lovely Easter Egg with ‘I LOVE YOU, FLASH’ inscribed on it.  She even brought me a packet of six Cadbury’s Crème Eggs.  Crikey!  Really nice of her.  Thanks, Raquel.

Later, as Raquel and I watched Monty Python’s Flying Circus, Flash went into town.  When he came back, he had bought Raquel an Easter Egg + and Easter Bunny – and he’d got me ‘Oh Yeah’ by Yello! 


I couldn’t + still can’t believe it!  It was so good of him!  Cheers, Flash – thanks a lot!


‘A Little Respect’ – Erasure


I’m at Gran W’s now as Flash + Raquel want to be alone at her place.  So…  I’m staying here fo’t’ naeght!  Har-har-har!


I’m halfway through mixing The Situation’s new cassette – PISS VIDEO – and it’s actually quite mediocre; nothing at all special.  It’s made up of old bits and pieces we recorded in 1987 and 1988, but never used.


Gerry Gordon rang tonite + said she was wondering when I was off home.  She said I could, by all means, stay at her and Flash’s house on Tuesday and Wednesday if I wanted.  She even said she’d gets some cans in and some nibbles so we could have a little party on Wednesday nite.  That was really lovely of her – I felt so touched.  Thank you, Gerry.  She’s ever-so nice – and I did the washing-up for her today.


I wish Jonny was here, so I could talk to him about stuff + make him laugh.


MAGGIE – you prey upon my mind.  Will we ever?




EASTER EGGS + YELLO.  Great stuff!



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Next time: ‘Behind Watford…’

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