The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Wednesday, 15 March 1989

More About Maggie

It’s 11.20pm


‘The Point of Collapse’ – Wire


Today is one year of Astra + Danny.


Emma was away today.


I enjoy my Aerobics Class these days + feel ever so fit for it.  I did 4 hours of aerobics and dance today, which was good fun.  The new Dance Studio is wonderful; all wooden floors and bare, smelling of fresh paint like a house when you’ve just moved in.


I saw Maggie at College today.  

We pass often + say ‘hi’ but more often than not she’s with Simon Lewis, which seems odd and also a shame.  But if that’s what he wants – which surprises me – and if he truly deserves her, which he no doubt does because he’s a lovely bloke, then I guess that’s fair enough.  I saw her by the Art Rooms as Josh Wilde and TS 2 were pestering me about some of my own recent artwork (a series of caricatures featuring every member of the Drama Department).  She was clad in black, looking very fresh + nice.  She came up to me and said, ‘I bet you haven’t brought them, have you?’  She was referring to a set of photos of me in my more ‘gothic’ period, which she admitted she’d love to see when we chatted last Wednesday; a mere week ago.  I didn’t think she was being serious.  It was lovely that she remembered.  Could there EVER be a spark in this department, folks?


I’ll get together with you for photos one day, dearest Maggie.


‘Twentieth Century Fox’ – The Doors


I spend a lot of time with Jonny Badcock + it’s ace because I make him laugh hilariously, which I feel good about.  It’s nice to make people laugh.  I’ve often enjoyed laughing with Jonny and it just so happens that he too is a Gemini, which I find pleasing.  It all makes sense when I think about it.  Amazing.  It all fits, you know.  His attitude to Kat prior to their split was so familiar to me, being reminiscent of my own approach to her last August.


As for Kat, she seems tonnes nicer now it’s all over with Jonny.  I like her at the moment.  We’re good mates.


Jonny’s nice though.  He once said, ‘I learnt more about acting from you during The Chinese Play than I ever did from Larry in three productions…’  He told me I inspire him, which is lovely.  Nice of Will to tell me he thinks I’m good at my 3 chosen subjects also (acting, directing, writing).


Today we worked with ‘special needs’ kids which was interesting.


I’m toying with taking a one year A/S level in English Language.  Should be easy.  Dunno…


Simon Nightingale came into Tech today.  Short hair + a suit.  He wants to come back to Tech and take a course.  That’d be great.


‘Like A Prayer’ – Madonna


I rang Natalia.  She was glad to hear from me + I apologised for always clamming up when we’re together.  It’s all due to insecurity.  She admitted she feels the same when we’re together, but instead of clamming up she just spouts non-stop trivia.  She says our friendship in ’88 was amazing + she doesn’t want to lose me when she goes to UNI.  On Friday, we will meet + we shall TALK.  Properly.  Catch up on all those months since our last real communication (yes, THAT night).  Get it all off our chests.  Tell each other what we think + feel.  She’s feeling positive about it + is looking forward to it.  I can’t wait.  I miss Natalia + think a lot of her.  I hope this summer we shall make 1988 pale in comparison.  She and I should ride at least a few more of the tides of time together.


‘Like A Prayer’ by Madonna weakens me.



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