The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Tuesday, 7 March 1989

In The Post

IT’S 11.10pm


‘America’ – Throwing Muses



I’ve been inhaling Suzi’s letters again.  They still smell beautifully of LOU LOU.  And I only realised this afternoon that I’ve been carrying a picture of her around in my rucksack with me.


How is Suzi these days?  Where is she now?  What’s she doing?  Why do I want to see her?  Well… Who can say?


I received letters today, which was a little bit of a surprise.  One from West Germany from a young geezer called ANDREAS who found my address in ALIEN SEX FIEND magazine – ho-ho-ho!  I’ll get in touch with him.


‘Fear’ – Throwing Muses


The other came from a certain Natalia Wnek.  Thank god!  At last, she’s written to me.  At last!  It feels strange, though.


She asks me to forgive her for leaving it so long to write.  She genuinely seems to feel awful about it.  However, since her exams she’s been through an emotional and unstable time.  She wanted to reach out to me, but kept putting it off and the longer she left it, the more afraid she became of speaking to me in case I rejected her friendship.  She notes also that it’s almost a year since we went to see The Mission at the Astoria.  She’s been busy with her future, sorting out grant applications and dealing with universities accepting or rejecting her.  She says that if she does go away she really doesn’t want to lose touch with me.  She wants me to visit, wherever she goes.  She’s very busy at the moment, but she wants to meet me one Friday for a coffee in Wisbech – not just for a chat, but for what she describes as a long overdue conversation.  She says she loves our conversations.  She signs off with ‘love’ and two kisses.





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