The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Tuesday, 28 March 1989

Halibut Quymme



‘Love In The Natural Way’ – Kim Wilde


I wish yesterday hadn’t happened.  It’s not preying on me, but I’ve betrayed myself.




I dreamt of Maggie last nite.  Big dream.  I was wandering about college looking for her, spying on her; trying to pluck up the courage to ASK her.  Strange.  I WANT TO BE WITH HER.




The boiler exploding + Dad as ‘Halibut Quymme’ (his latest character).




‘Watching The Wildlife’ – Frankie Goes To Hollywood


This morning, the Gordons’ boiler erupted with yellow smoke, almost choking them all in their sleep.  Luckily, I had stayed the night at Gran W’s, but even more luckily the folks at the Flasherdome were fine.


I spent the day at my Dad’s, eating lovely food and listening to WIRE. 

We talked and laughed, and then he showed me PRECIOUS BANE on the video, which was TREMENDOUS!

We also listened to tape recordings of Granddad Sugden, which was nice, and looked at some photo-slides of Dad + Paul Jones in the ‘60s.


We then picked up Annie from work + I ate two teas.  Cos I’m a piggy wiggy.




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Next time: ‘Farewell party…’

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