The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Wednesday, 29 March 1989

Farewell Party


It’s 6.30pm (ish).


‘Stakker Humanoid’ – Humanoid


Well, Gerry’s just been in to give me a hug + a kiss because I just gave her a big ‘THANK YOU’ card for all the things she does for me when I come up here to see Flash (letting me stay, etc.).




‘The 1989 Metropolitan Mixdown, pt.1’ – Yello






Hey up, cocker!  Raight, listen-up:  FLASH, RITCHERD & I have had a




Week, so up yours, matey-boy, chummy pal.


Oh, soz – FALOOFAMACHISMOSOLO – I inadvertently forgot…



(Aussie, wobatted, pooh-knickered twat-snot)




Up yours, cos we’ve got some raight snaps o’ thee!  They’re coming to take thee away – boom-boom!


We’ve got thee this time, cocker!


Any road down, what an interesting time we gluttons had.




(Read Lord of the Rings again, Martin Jarvis, or we’ll bray you o’er!)


Anyway, Ritcherd, me old mate, Flash & I love you lots.  Come to see us again soon.  Maybe one day, instead o’ studying Brecht & Stanislavsky, the Ritcherd method will reign.


Lotsaluv ‘n’ stuff




PS.  Can’t wait for the holiday, cos I’m off to babber in yer rucksack.




The ‘party’ and ringing LOLA’S!


Today, Flash + I went into Castleford (Cas Vegas?  Near Ponte Carlo?) and bought some records.  I got Part 2 of that Yello 12-inch collection

Flash bought himself Yello’s ‘The Race’.


As we went to the Off Licence for some booze, I noticed the air smelled of DOGSHIT, and we went on to count 86 individual piles of SHIT in the streets as we journeyed there and back – and it was only a few 100 yards!


This evening, we readied ourselves and Raquel came over, as did Dad + Annie and we all got merry.  But Raquel had to go home fairly early which pissed Flash (and me) off.


I’ll miss her.


Dad + Annie eventually went + I dared Flash to go to LOLA’S and ask ‘DAVE’ what his name is.  So we went in and bought a bag of chips, but we were too scared to ask – and HE’S HAD A SHORT BACK + SIDES!



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Next time: ‘The Innocents…’

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