The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Friday, 3 March 1989

Danny Comes To Stay

‘Madman’s Honey’ – Wire


Today, Danny came to stay at my place.  We don’t speak very much, but we read a lot and listen to music or watch stuff.  When we do talk it seems we both miss the ‘Goth Days’ a little and amusingly noted that these days we often feel as if we’re being laughed at by goths who think we’re trendies or trendies who think we’re goths.  When we’re neither.  The Old Days were probably good, ’87 or whatever, but things kind of turned sour + horrible in 1988.  Towards the end I was ready to escape.  Now I feel like I’m my own agent; I feel independent.  I miss the hair.  And then I don’t.  I still feel a bit lost about it all.  My life feels calmer + safer, more sensible now, which is sometimes strange.  And being with Emma – nice though she is – feels strange, too.  Oh god, I had about two and a half good years of ‘gothicism’.  And I reckon I did it better than most.  I really tried to live it.  No wonder I’m beginning to feel wrenched out of that now.  I’m an insecure bloke.  Donna thinks so.



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Next time: ‘Passion vs Art…’

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