The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Monday, 27 March 1989

Amazing Bed Saga

The amazing bed saga.




‘Oh Yeah’ – Yello




Wasn’t TODAY good?


Or was it?


It’s a little confusing and my split personalities fight each other whenever I think about it…


I came to Flash’s house from my Grandma’s and his friend, Jessica York was here and we all talked, sillily.  Then Raquel arrived, which meant – as she and Flash kept ‘going off’ – Jess and I were left alone to entertain each other.  At one point, Flash put a fairly ‘ordinary’ PORNO video on for Jess + I, but it bored me + I suggested watching MONTY PYTHON instead.  But Jess seemed transfixed, whilst yelling, ‘Disgusting!  Eurgh!  All they want to do is have sex!  Eurgh!  I’m gonna be sick!  Oh god!  It’s gross!’  So I took control, turned it off and popped the Python on.  Before I even made it back to the sofa, Jess and I were all over the floor, kissing and wanking each other.


Gerry was out, by the way, and Flash + Raquel were upstairs having sex.  When they came down, we all suddenly played ‘Let’s all take our clothes off’ in the dark, listening to music.  Eventually, we all ended up on Flash’s bed, doing ‘a bit of rudey’!  Both couples were in sixty-nine positions and as jess sucked my cock, I licked her pussy.  Just as it was getting REALLY interesting, the doorbell rang – my Granddad W, picking me up, so I hurtled down the stairs, putting on my clothes as I fell down each step, yelling my goodbyes.


So now I’m back at my Grandy’s househole!  Ho-ho!






‘It Ain’t What You Do It’s The Way That You Do it’ – Fun Boy Three & Bananarama


So yeah.  Jess and I began to kiss, as did Flash + Raquel, until finally our ‘game’ had progressed and we were all absolutely naked and in bed playing ‘let’s give our partner sexual pleasure’.  Jess, a virgin, was desperate to fuck, but thankfully we had no condoms.  I say ‘thankfully’ because I did not want to have intercourse, no way.  I wasn’t ENTIRELY sure that I wanted to be doing what I was already doing, but I was enjoying it – and it had relieved the boredom…  But me and full-on intercourse are ‘off’ right now and have been since December.  I’m still not ready to fuck again yet; not sure why, but I’m just not.  I won’t have intercourse again until I’m fully ready and only then will I give myself the ‘go ahead’.  I must admit, though, it did feel like having a split-personality.  One half of me didn’t want to have sex, but the other half REALLY wanted to fuck her meaty cunt.




‘Venus’ – Bananarama


Flash told me that he almost found out the name of the man who works in LOLA’S (the man we – and THE CHINESE PLAY – call ‘Dave’).  But when Lola called him, Flash couldn’t understand what she was saying.  Flash also told me of another incident in which ‘BOY’ (the lad who also works there) came up to Flash IN COLLEGE (!) and said, ‘It’s stopped raining, then?’  Flash said ‘Yeah’, and ‘BOY’ departed, leaving Flash with the sudden realisation that it hadn’t rained all week…



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Next time: ‘Halibut Quymme…’

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