The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Tuesday, 14 February 1989

Valentine's Day 1989



‘Light My Fire’ – The Doors












‘It’s A Sin’ – Pet Shop Boys


Today, we (me and choreographer Tracey Joyce) settled on a costume for my part as God (basically just my black lycra cycling shorts and a silver-painted laurel wreath) + I rehearsed Garden of Eden for the final time.  The make-up for this is a white face with panda-like eyes!  A bit inadequate for ‘GOD’, but it has a kind of Greek quality.  It’s all very obviously last-minute.



This evening, the Fashion Show went ahead to a packed audience. 

Mr Goodgirl was very funny + ANGLIA TV’s Christine Webber was rather nice.


Early on, Jonny Badcock + I had to operate the stage ‘legs’ as one ‘act’ finished.  We were up on the balcony or whatever it is, above the stage and out of sight + were finally privy to the secrets behind Will Daniels’ magic/levitation act as the Phantom of the Opera scene came to an end.  So clever, but so obvious now.


Jonny + I had been roped into providing brief and minor assistance at the 11th hour.  We nearly cried with hysterical laughter as Stage Manager Kenneth Farnham got all the back stage instructions wrong (giving Jonny + I totally opposite instructions to the ones we’d been briefed by Jodie Ratcliffe), which caused the snapping of the invisible wire that held a huge suspended love heart aloft.  Halfway through it became a mortal danger and had to be removed.  Ken’s well-meaning ineptitude is just so painfully funny.  It shouldn’t be but it really is.


Just to clarify, he really did get into a muddle.  It might read like I’m being a bastard or that Jonny + I were being buggers (as usual), but he was definitely giving out the wrong instructions.


‘Heaven and Hell’ – Vangelis


Once I’d done my turn as God (with Josh as ‘Adam’ and Sally as ‘Eve’), I went backstage (into the Dance Studio).  People were asking me how it went and did it go well, but all I could say was, ‘Dunno’.  I just went on, did it, and came off.  And it’s true.  Something that would have terrified me a year ago, didn’t worry me a jot.  I think I enjoyed it, but it was such a blur, like I was a robot acting out everything Scarlett had taught me to do.  My only real concern was the black gunky make-up around my eyes.  Which took about fifteen minutes.


I think my perceptions of appearing on stage have changed.  Until tonight, I was always definitely aware of the audience in an almost self-conscious way; but tonight I just did my job.  I don’t think I’ll ever be truly nervous before performing ever again.  No stage fright for me, thanks.


The rest of the nite was spent with Julian Ward, taking the piss + having a really funnily good time, as well as boogieing to PET SHOP BOYS.




I gave Emma a Valentine’s card + she gave me one.  Now that’s cute.





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Next time: ‘Valentine’s Goth reunion…’

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