The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Monday, 6 February 1989

Taking Tea with Emma

It’s a quarter past eleven.


Dear diary…


‘I’m Not Scared’ – Pet Shop Boys


Today, I took tea with Emma Goddard.  It was wonderful + it shall be repeated tomorrow.  We spoke, animatedly, for a long time + we are getting along fine.


Right now, I feel volcanic – a beautiful sensation in my chest that says ‘I’m about to explode every single one of my emotions’.


I’m so incredibly happy, despite my flu/cold thing.


I have also purchased ‘Something In My House’ 12-inch by Dead Or Alive.




‘Something In My House (Mortevicar Mix) – Dead Or Alive


I went to collect the CHINESE PLAY tickets today and was told that they won’t be ready until Friday, and then only if we ‘were lucky’!  Well, that’s damn useful!


Graciously, Larry went off and did them all by hand along with my (rather genius if I do say so myself) programmes (done in the style of a Chinese take-away menu).




‘Love Train’ – Holly Johnson




We met at 1pm at the front of the Library Block where nervousness overcame me – whatever would we talk about?  Absolutely everything, it turned out + it was fantastic!    She is tremendously good company.


We took tea + coffee in CROFTERS: Earl Grey + Continental.  Who took which?  I’ll leave you with that easily guessable mystery…


I love her company + she seems pleased with mine.  I mean, she could have said, ‘No, I can’t come’ in the first place, but she didn’t, so…


She likes my hair now and it seems we both have latent desires for passion and romance in life. 


After being with Emma, my whole afternoon felt endlessly uplifting.  My chest didn’t stop pounding, which was a beautiful feeling to enjoy, especially when the sunlight streamed through the gaps between the curtains of the College Theatre and Simon Lewis played ‘Love Changes Everything’ by Michael Ball on his stereo.


‘Love Changes Everything’ – Michael Ball


This evening, I stayed behind at the Blood Wedding rehearsal, just because Emma was.  I wasn’t needed, but I wanted to be with her.  Mandy and her friends Gemma, Una + Dorrie got bored at Blood Wedding, so we all strolled down to The Walks + sat on the Red Mount, recalling Macbeth + watching the stars.  A nice evening.


I then plucked up the courage to ask Emma if she’d have tea with me again and she accepted so quickly, without hesitation.  I like having someone to take with.  Very civilised.  Never had that before.  It’s wonderful.


I spent the journey home talking to Una Baker about my wonderful day.




‘Tom Baker’ – Human League


TODAY’s terrible flu-thing did nothing for my waning interest in THE CHINESE PLAY.  Although I enjoyed putting up posters around KING’S LYNN with Ron Johnson + Donna (now a good friend once more!), the incident that revived my bleary faculties was teatime with TS1’s Emma Goddard in CROFTER’S; an event that would have seemed unlikely and implausible just a few short weeks ago.


Emma and I have moved in smaller, separate parts of the same wide circle, never really finding ourselves alone for too long; but today, as we sat enjoying each other’s company, I think we realised how much we like each other.  We got into deep artistic and philosophical conversation and we were so happy.  No more small talk.  I think she enjoyed herself.  I certainly did.  My eyes have opened to her and she has taken me completely by surprise; by storm! 


I had to be with her again, so we spent break together this afternoon.  I, to my surprise, was able to get her to myself, away from her friends.  I enjoyed her company immensely.


I’m glad I stayed behind for this evening’s Blood Wedding + finally plucked up the courage to ask her out again (for tea tomorrow and Wednesday).  She felt ‘GOSH!’  I felt ‘AARGH!  I BET SHE THINKS I’M RIDICULOUS.’  But she accepted.  



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Next time: ‘Emma Goddard…’

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