The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Friday, 3 February 1989

Quilt Argument

It’s early evening.



Dear diary…


‘Left To My Own Devices’ – Pet Shop Boys




We had a Fashion Show rehearsal today.  I am in a Dance piece as part of the event, playing God in the Garden of Eden with Josh Wilde and Sally Watson.  It was great fun.  It is quite a simple set of moves and I feel very comfortable to be involved in this.  The music we dance to is a piece by Vangelis called ‘Heaven and Hell’. 



‘In the Night’ by the groovy PET SHOP BOYS!



Donna Davidson has no confidence, no drive, no ambition, no imagination.  We need a quilt for THE CHINESE PLAY.  So we’re sitting around, drinking tea and casually ticking off the stuff we still need to source.  The quilt is mentioned. 


‘Sally Watson’s got one,’ says Donna. 


‘We’ll have that then,’ I say.


‘We’d have to ask,’ says Donna.  ‘Don’t take advantage of people.’


‘You offered it!’ I say.  ‘We’ll ask.  Anyway, she’s a mate.  I’m sure she’ll say yes.  I’ll just exert my influence or something.’


‘Wow,’ says Donna.  ‘Get that head through the door.’


‘I always manage to somehow,’ I say, hurt.


‘Yeah,’ she says, ‘ten minutes after your ego’s come in.’


‘No,’ I say, ‘I keep my ego with me at all times so I can come up with snappy answers like this one.’


I couldn’t believe she was being that cruel, especially as she was the one who suggested Sally’s quilt in the first place – like it was pretty much available.  I was only being playful but she was just rude.  I have no idea why she has such a problem with me at the moment.  She was all over me before we started working together.  Maybe that’s the issue, she’s seeing a more focussed, less playful and silly version of me or something.  And… EGO?!  Okay, fair enough.  I’m not exactly self-deprecating (on the outside), but at least I use whatever confidence or arrogance or whatever kindly and fairly.  Cleverly, too, I hope.  Justly.  She’s so stubborn right now, and she won’t open her eyes and see that she’s holding herself back.  We have deadlines and there’s just NO TIME to fanny about being all sensitive to the slightest wounded ego.  Hers is the ego most on display right now.  I really dislike her attitude and find her utterly disappointing.  It’s so bland and lacking in determination.  And she’s such a pessimist over the most easily achievable things.  I’ll probably never use her again on a production after this.  Not by choice.


I did actually wonder for a moment if she was being deliberately obstructive.






‘Closer To Your Heart’ – Clannad


Donna + I took the CHINESE PLAY tickets in to be copied today.  We should be collecting them on Monday.  They look good and have a stylised image of ‘Flash’ on them.




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Next time: ‘Ladies' man…’

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