The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Wednesday, 8 February 1989

Guerilla Studio Clean-Up

‘Always On My Mind’ – Pet Shop Boys









‘Realisation’ – Art of Noise


Today, the feelings I felt for Emma on Monday were exceeded.  I feel stronger about her than ever.  I also feel extremely upset that tomorrow + Friday I’ll be too occupied with THE CHINESE PLAY to see her – and there’ll be the wait of a weekend.  She brought me in one of her songs – ‘Secret Land’ – and it’s really good; a wistful, longing song that imagines a better world into which she can escape.




Add to this THE CHINESE PLAY falling to bits.  Today’s rehearsals were a panic + I only just got the Dance Sequence with the Prisoner choreography done in time (this morning), with huge thanks to Scarlett Kane who lent us the Dance Studio.


‘How To Kill’ – Art of Noise


This evening was terrible because I had to ‘share’ actors with Larry who was (deliberately?) directing Blood Wedding at the same time.  Conflict.


Donna, Shelley + I then got into a real rage as we cleaned up and tidied the Drama Studio – a major concern – for tomorrow’s performance.  It was in such a diabolical mess.  It’s cluttered with dilapidated old ‘props’ and ‘costumes’ (none of them any good or in usable condition) and loads of junk behind the curtains, which means no effective ‘crossover’ for actors even though the space back there is vast.  It’s gone to the dogs just lately and no one seems to care – but we do, so we took it to bits and started all over again, from the ground up.  It needed clearing out and the carpets needed cleaning.  We were joined by Jamie Davenport, Josh, Julian Ward (my greatest friend at college right now) and Nigel Cameron, who assisted us in taking all the embarrassing cardboard props (that are completely useless and no-one ever uses) to the incinerator to be burned.  They transported them on a temporarily ‘stolen’ barrow I snuck out of the Caretaker’s Lot.  I returned it, of course, but now I’m in trouble because they caught me and were angry because I hadn’t ‘negotiated’ with them.  Never mind.  They hate students, anyway.


On top of all this, we learnt from the Head Cleaner that the Drama Studio carpet has never been hovered – which came as a bit of a shock.  Very occasionally – and only very, very occasionally it gets a going over with A WET MOP!  I couldn’t believe this so – having learnt my lesson in negotiation – I wangled a hoover out of the caretakers.  Which didn’t work.  So I went back and tried again.  All the hoovers the caretakers gave us to clean with were crap.  Not one of them worked, so Shelley + Donna went to the Chief Caretaker’s office to complain.  He wasn’t there (he was on his tea-break), but a brand-new, very skill-looking vacuum cleaner was.  So they went up to the Head Cleaner and asked her how long the Chief would be.  ‘”5 minutes,’ she said.  With this knowledge, Donna + Shelley heisted the vac and carried it across the college and up to the Studio, where we hastily hoovered (for 12 minutes) and returned it before anyone was the wiser.  I enjoyed that.  It was like flippin’ PARADISE TOWERS.



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Next time: ‘The Chinese Play 1…’

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    No wonder we were stressed & fighty during The Chinese well as all we had to do with zero interest from anybody, we had to be the cleaners as well!!!