The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Wednesday, 22 February 1989

Amateur-minded Piffle

‘Touch Me’ – The Doors


A Letter from Emma

This one’s on green paper.  She writes whilst listening to ‘Open Your Arms’ by Goodbye Mr Mackenzie, which she says is ‘absolutely brill’.  She’s feeling happy, childish and immature (‘nothing changes!’).  She has just shown her mum the photo I gave her.  Emma asked if I can stay over there, but her mum seems reluctant to have me stay if she’s not around to supervise.  She’s going to think about it though.  Emma hopes it’ll happen.  She doesn’t think I’ll be able stay in her room, but if they’re out on the Saturday that might be an option, but definitely not the Sunday.  Apparently her mum used to let Emma’s last boyfriend stay, but hey never slept in the same room.  She then apologises for not being able to write/say romantic things to me so easily (except when she’s drunk!).  She knows she can be too serious sometimes.  She’d like us to be alone together though.  She says it’s horrible only being able to see each other at breaks.  She wants me to choose what she wears, and she also wants to choose what I wear.  She thought I looked ‘really nice’ at the disco; loved my shirt and thinks I should get some smart baggy trousers.  She says she’s glad I still like her and haven’t run off with somebody else.  She likes me a lot, ‘even I don’t tell you’.  She says she thinks she finds it easier to tell other people how much she likes me rather than saying it to me.  She says she thinks a lot of me, even loves me; and when she’s not with me she misses me a great deal.  She says last weekend was horrible because she didn’t even hear from me.  She signs off with ‘lots of love’ and four kisses.




‘Ghost Rider (live)’ – The Sisters of Mercy


Today I got a little jeffed off with College attitudes + the amateur-minded piffle of some of the DRAMA STUDENTS – especially a certain few I may have been angry about in the past. 



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Next time: ‘Grotty-type mumbles…’

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