The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Sunday, 29 January 1989




Dear diary,

It’s twenty minutes to four.


‘For the Love of Big Brother’ – Eurythmics


I have recovered from the tortuous feelings of last week and feel a better man for it.




‘The Lebanon’ – The Human League


Raquel just rang, so I had to drag Flash from the bath to talk to her.  Raquel is the girl he’s seeing who goes out with a 24-year-old bloke from Pontefract.


MY NEW TAROT READING (from Gerry) spoke of:

A decision involving a female; career progression; the organisation of large groups of people; personal growth.




‘Chains of Love’ – Erasure


I feel ever so happy.  And Flash taped me some episodes of The Prisoner: Arrival, Once Upon A Time, and Fall Out.


I miss Amanda Jones.  She’s so far away now, in Tasmania.  Her new house is called ‘NIRVANA’ and she regularly gets bitten by mosquitos.  I must contact her.  She was very nice.




‘Everybody Wants To Rule The World (Extended)’ – Tears For Fears


Dragged from the bath, Flash spoke to Raquel for something like two hours.  So I read Doctor Who and the Sensorites by Nigel Robinson, which is ‘GOOD’.


Following this, Flash and I watched some DOCTOR WHO and then Elbow (Elliott Barlow) rang and they spoke for ages, after which Raquel rang again and they spoke for years.  I left them to it and popped down to my Dad’s and when I got back they were still talking.


Raquel seems really great.  She’s PUMA!  I’m glad she’s coming on holiday with us in the summer (probably to Richmond).  Who shall I take?





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