The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Wednesday, 25 January 1989

Lack of Commitment

‘Call Me’ – Throwing Muses


Dear diary…


To continue my rant from yesterday, today we did Dance for three hours, finishing at 12pm.  Donna and I said we’d see Jonny + Kat at the CHINESE PLAY rehearsal at 1pm (as per their schedules; as per the notice board) and Kat was totally negative and rather sour about it.  It all just seems like too much hard work for her.  From 12-12.45pm, Donna + I continued working on our Beauty + the Beast dance piece (set to a track by Alan Rankine) – working through our lunchtime.  Once we’d finished and got changed and stuff, we reached the Drama Studio at 12.55pm ready to start rehearsals.  No one had turned up, apart from Nigel Cameron, and we didn’t actually even need him.  So where were Jonny + Kat?  Sitting in the Common Room!  Donna went crazy.  We’re both dead furious about the lack of commitment being shown by some group members – and not just in Performing Arts.  Honestly, I find it disgusting.  But, of course, we’re not lecturers; we have no power to INSIST or DEMAND the attendance of students.  Their attitudes are so narrow sometimes, and they know for a fact that Donna and I are being assessed on the success or failure of this play.


Charley Kneale in TS1 is receiving the sharp end of the stick from Kat + her cronies, merely because she has the main part in Blood Wedding, has to kiss Jonny, and – what seems more likely – is classier than they.   I still love you, Sophie.


This afternoon, I went with Donna, Kenneth + Dorrie Robbins (of TS1) to a meeting with the Deputy Principal to lobby for a better + bigger Dance Studio.  That went down well…


Campaigning for a new Dance Studio is something I would never have believed myself to be doing when I was a lazy A-level student last year.


I like TWO girls on my bus now.  And they both sit together.


‘Ahead’ – Wire


Well, what music do I groove to lately?


Generally speaking: KATE BUSH, CLANNAD, PROPAGANDA, JAPAN (in all their forms) and WIRE.


I’ve got to get THE PRISONER on video.  I’ll have to have words with Flash.


STAR WARS is good, too; I really like the concepts involved.




‘I Did It Just the Same’ – Eurythmics


THE CHINESE PLAY is advertised in today’s King’s Lynn Leader paper.



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Next time: ‘Going further …’

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