The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Sunday, 8 January 1989

Imminent Apocalypse




a quarter past six.


‘Oh To Be In Love’ – Kate Bush


This really is 1989.


Is this the truth?  The final truth?  Is it true that the world might end this year or some time early the next?  Apparently Nostradamus predicted it would.  And we all thought he’d been wrong about that major earthquake last May.  Armenia may have been a little late, but still the earth served us up a little platter of tragedy.


The Libyans and the Americans are pretty much walking each other to the grave; doing their best to bury each other in wormy soil.  Have they started something they can’t finish?  I wondered the same thing two years ago, when Flash and I panicked (needlessly) over their conflicts.  Now?  I don’t know.  I don’t think I’m as worried by these things any more, just distracted.  For me, happiness reigns.  By which, I just want to be happy and optimistic and have faith in the fact that we’re not stupid enough to destroy ourselves.


Oh, Flash.  Where are you?  Where are you all, dear friends?  Cirencester seems far away and ages ago now.  I found it to be a beautiful place to be; my heart felt safe there, among my friends.




‘8891 Royale’ – Keff McCulloch


Donna’s letter still has not arrived.  She sent it days ago.  I’ll probably receive it tomorrow evening, by which time I shall have seen her again.  Never mind.




‘Red Guitar’ – David Sylvian


My excitement over the new college term is growing within my mind.  I am looking forward to returning to some hard work (something I wanted to avoid when I did A-levels).



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