The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Saturday, 21 January 1989

Flash and Astra

‘Nobody Owns Me’ – Belinda Carlisle


I have received a lovely long letter from Flash.  He started it on 15th January.  He says he was hoping 1989 would be great but it’s started to get boring – apart from his relationship with Raquel, who adores Flash, The Situation and even me, but somewhat inconveniently has a 24-year-old boyfriend.  They met in Theatre Studies and are clearly falling in love.  That said, even though she’s outgoing, he says he’s never seen her happy, therefore she must be a manic depressive – like him.  She wants to change her life, apparently, and wishes she had a friend like me.  He’s also bought the Baby Ford single and The Best of OMD (which is sadly missing La Femme Accident’).  He’s not that keen on The Sisters of Mercy at the moment and wants to update his record collection.  He’s still into Kate Bush, but hoping to get further into the Pet Shop Boys.  His Top 10 Women include Kate Bush, Glynis Barber, Raquel, Beatie Edney, Emma Samms, Imogen Stubbs, Elizabeth Hurley, Marilyn Monroe, Janet Fielding, Kylie Minogue, and – as a consequence of watching The Keeper of TrakenSheila Ruskin.  His Favourite Doctor Who story is The Caves of Androzani and his Favourite Doctor is Tom Baker.  He says it was nice of me to ring him and he hopes the play is going well.


He continues on the 17th January, telling me that his Favourite Film is Some Like It Hot and that his opinion of Pinter is ‘FUCK OFF!  PISS OFF!’  He has been lending Raquel some Situation tapes and she loves them.  She also loves me and she loves Berwin Groomstool.


He picks up again on the 18th January and asks me to tell Donna he will write to her soon.  He has bought the Pet Shop Boys LP Introspective, which he says is BRILLIANT and FUCKING SKILL.  He still loves Raquel, but they have yet to see each other out of college.  They have performed together at the College Open Evening in a two-hand comedy sketch he wrote, which went down incredibly well.  He now declares himself a better writer than Pinter, which is probably true.


The final bit was written on the 19th January to tell me Raquel is SKILL!




‘Experiment IV’ – Kate Bush






‘Fordtrax’ – Baby Ford


Today, Astra Trellis came over and we are just so brilliant together.  We are such good friends.  She’s great.  And it’s been a long time.


Then she cut my hair. 

It feels good now – all off.  Healthy, clean…



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Next time: ‘The Return of Ash…’

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