The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Tuesday, 31 January 1989

Falling Out with Donna



‘Left To My Own Devices’ – Pet Shop Boys




I felt anger towards Donna Davidson (my Assistant Producer/Assistant Director) today.  I felt perhaps her moans at the pressures of producing THE CHINESE PLAY were pathetic smokescreen for something else and all this ‘Oh, I want to leave’ tragedy was becoming tiresome and a cause of extreme irritation.  She moans a little too much.  I told her as much and we argued.  Then the truth came out: she is, in fact, receiving stresses from all sectors of her life, apparently, and it’s causing her mounting problems.  We talked about it, but she didn’t go too deeply into it.  She apologised, though and I was grateful for that, because as the writer/director of the play (and one of the actors) I really need to feel the producer (Donna) is on the case.  I do sympathise, because things did get wobbly, but moping around and crying about stuff isn’t going to get things DONE.


I spent as much time as I could today with Emma Goddard + Julian Ward, but the whole day was really spent working on THE CHINESE PLAY, which, the incident with Donna aside, I found very pleasing and productive.  This is why Donna’s emotional outburst have troubled me; now we’ve sorted out the rehearsal attendance issues (despite a written schedule, the cast often found it impossible to be around whenever they were needed) it’s definitely coming to life.  It’s not the chaotic disaster she seems to have painted it as and the fact that she made me believe it was bothers me.  It has really progressed.  So it needs tonnes more energy pumped into the performances, but that’ll come.  I hope it’ll come, because as I keep telling them, I want a ‘violent’ play; energetic; ferocious.  I want the audience to feel abused!  The Situation Theatre Company is capable of great work and can be vibrant and exciting when it feels like it, and I want to tap into that so we all look great on the night.


Larry sat in + watched.  He was impressed + quite likes it.  He suggested there was a strength to my direction that he hadn’t perceived in the manuscript.  Jonny Badcock + Julian Ward were excellent in Scene One today.  It was very impressive.  VERY.


So I love it.  Donna aside, the cast and crew are growing in confidence and my own confidence in the piece has been fully restored.  The play is becoming, quite correctly, hilarious in places.  Hope it’ll look good on video.


‘Something’s Gotten Hold Of My Heart’ – Gene Pitney & Marc Almond


At last, I spoke to a girl I’ve been dying to speak to on my bus.  I invited her to see THE CHINESE PLAY and we conversed from then on.  She seemed interested in me + my work and really listened to what I had to say.  She has beautiful lips + beautiful eyes.  She’s doing a Secretarial + 2 A-levels.  She’s very well-spoken, rather classy and extremely nice.  Her name is ELIZABETH and she lives on EAU BRINK.  She’ll probably never speak to me again.  But I hope she will.


Time to relax.


Farewell, dear diary.



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