The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Wednesday, 18 January 1989

Dreams of Reason



Dear diary, I’m so sorry it’s been such a while.


‘Only After Dark’ – The Human League


Did you see Kane and Abel? 

It was excellent.


I was walking to a lesson when I passed by a young, quite trendy girl in jeans and a nice jumper.  She had black hair, tied back.  As we approached each other, I realised we were staring hard into each other’s eyes – both quite suspiciously, it seemed.  As soon as our paths crossed + I headed on my way, I felt myself feeling very attracted + then a realisation sank into my dim brain, all in a flash.  It suddenly occurred to me that the girl I had just passed was … SUZI!  I then felt wonderful.  If that WAS SUZI then I am WILD about SUZI.


I asked Astra Trellis if she’d seen her.  She said she’d seen the girl, but wasn’t sure if it was SUZI.  In fact, she was convinced it WASN’T SUZI.


Who is she then?


Whoever she is, she’s a



My latest LP is Dreams Of Reason by Mick Karn.




Tom Baker was on This Morning today.  Videoed it.



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Next time: ‘Brokering a deal…’

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