The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Tuesday, 24 January 1989

Didn't Think We Were Dicks

‘Oochy Koochy (Remix)’ – Baby Ford


Dear diary,







‘Crow and A Baby’ – The Human League


The Performing Arts course is falling apart.  I can feel a really bad inter-group tension building.  It’s lots of things, ROCKY HORROR for a start.  Jodie Ratcliffe + Daniel Abbott are intending to direct a production of it.  It’s not really my cup of tea, but when I chatted to Jodie about it, telling her it sounded like a fun project; refreshing after all our ‘drama’…  Well, I offered my help should she need anything – whether that meant acting or doing make-up, or anything at all – but she was very tight.  Never seen her so full of herself, in fact.  And it was very clear she didn’t want to be open about it, acting very secretive and telling me (in so many words) that it’s none of my business.  What a horrible attitude to have.  I thought we were all friends?  I thought we were all just students doing the same course together?  I didn’t think we were dicks.  I mentioned that we ought to liaise with each other on the timings of their potentially exhaustive auditions as they could – it seems – clash with the extensive rehearsal schedule for THE CHINESE PLAY.  What was most galling was that she seemed to interpret my concerns over a dwindling cast as me nudging for a part and told me not to crawl to her!  How rude is that?  I don’t even like the bloody thing.  I didn’t realise she was like that.  I was only being kind; I’ve got enough to do as it is, given my Chinese Play workload.    She treated me like I was Satan or something.  It was obvious Ms Ratcliffe didn’t think much of me, given her tone when she told me ‘There’ll be a notice up about Rocky auditions at the end of the week.’


This afternoon, Jonny + Kat disappeared for ages.  Auditioning for ROCKY, I discovered!  Fair enough, but: favouritism, anyone?  Saying one thing and then doing another is a very unprofessional way to work.  Donna is convinced Jonny has already been chosen to play ‘Rocky’ and that Kat (who can’t act) will be ‘Magenta’.  She also thinks Jodie has already bagged the role of ‘Columbia’ for herself.  I get the feeling there won’t be much ‘interpretation’ in this production, just a slavish re-hash of the film.  I wonder where they’ll get the music from?


‘Delicate Cutters’ – Throwing Muses


Kat’s a little unpopular with me + Donna at the moment.  Why?


Me: ‘See you at the Chinese rehearsal, Kat.’

Kat: ‘Oh fuck, not another one?  I wanted to go down town.’


Baad attitude, Hill.  Baaad!


She’s also angry that in Blood Wedding, Charley will have to kiss Jonny.


Kat, you’ve just got to get used to it…


But seriously, can any of us really imagine Kat tidying up her goth/crusty image in order to become an actress?  Can we imagine her dressing in ordinary clothes for ordinary roles?  Playing ordinary people with ordinary hair?  Can we even imagine her taking direction well?  With her attitude? 





‘Dreams of Reason’ – Mick Karn


Tonite, I visited Tina Montgomery + her TRIANGLIA class.  I spent much of the time advertising THE CHINESE PLAY and then getting drunk in the Angles Theatre bar with Bella Murphy.  



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Next time: ‘Lack of commitment…’

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