The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Tuesday, 13 December 1988

The New Olivier


Tutorials and next term’s preparation projects.

'The Model' - Kraftwerk 

This morning we had Personal Tutorials from Larry.






All my tutors are impressed with my work and have high expectations of what I will achieve in the future.


I was congratulated on my 100% commitment to the course.


Larry says he can tell I’m throwing myself into the course because I love it, not just because I feel obliged to.  He wants me to take THE CHINESE PLAY to the top – or at least as far as it will go!  He was extremely praising of me and very chuffed. 


‘I’ll write and tell your mum you’re the best thing since Larry Olivier – the next Ken Branagh…’


I’m so chuffed.


In the afternoon, Donna Davidson and I worked on our last project of the term, a very ‘limited-for-time’ Contemporary Dance piece for Scarlett Kane’s Dance Class.  The piece of music we used was my current favourite, ‘Can You Believe Everything I See’ by Alan Rankine, which my Dad taped me.  We spent only an hour, devising a piece around the ‘lyrics’ (in fact sampled quotes from a film called BODY HEAT).


We felt the words suggested mystery and dual personality, so we called the piece Beauty and the Beast, taking no little inspiration from Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.  However, the twist in our piece is very horror film in that Beauty is also the Beast.  When her inner Beast emerges, she must destroy the man she loves.  It’s working well.

lightning arrows and a splashy fwok


I avoided Justine again today. 



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Next time: ‘A Distinction for Dance…’

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