The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Tuesday, 20 December 1988

Ten Years From Now: 20/12/1998



‘Pop’ – The Shamen


R:  Hello, can I speak to Pamela?

P:  Speaking.

R:  Hi, my name’s Ritcherd Winterfood.  I was hoping to contact Eva.

P:  She got married and moved to the States.

R:  Really?

P:  That’s what I’m telling you.

R:  No, no, sorry, that was just me reacting.  Wow.  You’d be amazed how many times I hear that.

P:  Hm.

R:  So there’s no way of contacting her?

P:  I don’t even know where she is.

R:  Oh.  Oh.  Sorry to hear that. 

P:  Hm.

R:  So… I suppose that’s the last thing I can say, really.  There’s nothing more.

P:  Yeah, she’s on tour or something.

R:  That’s it then.  The end.  Goodbye.

P:  Bye.




This is all because of Lilith!


Why did I give so much to her?


‘She got married and moved to the States’ – story of my life!


Shit, I'm so pissed tonight.

I did my final shift of the year, then had a meal with Ursula, Dusty and Mary, consuming lots of white wine.  Afterwards, I went to THE WHITE HART with Ursula and Mary and drank lots of gin and tonic. 

I do fancy Ursula, but no, it's nothing I'd pursue.

I came back to my rooms and plucked up the piss-head courage to phone Pamela Hampton, Eva's mum.  Well.  What do I do to women that makes them get married and move to the USA?  Maybe it's just as well.  Maybe it's better for me.  I refuse to dwell on it.  End of saga, book closed.  I lay the 'thing' with Eva Hampton to rest.

I am now going downstairs into the restaurant to drink wine with the girls who are just finishing their shift.



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Next time: ‘More from the Ghost of Christmas Future…’

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