The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Sunday, 11 December 1988

Six Years From Now: 11/12/94



‘One Christmas Catalogue’ – Captain Sensible


Stoned and pissed off my face, yet again…


Today, we did our dreaded 1 hour edited performance of the panto (which we hadn’t prepared).  But it was a laugh and we had a great time.  They gave us free food too.  This was at the huge, cavernous Top Rank Club in Bolton.


Later, I made my first trip to Liverpool and we played the British Legion in Garston.  A good gig according to audience accounts. 


Tonight, we went out and drank on the roof Frazer and I discovered, and then went to a pub and played a Pop Quiz.  I also got down to some music.




Frazer and I spoke to Flash on the phone and that was great.


Later, we smoked and drank on our terrace, climbing up the neighbours’ roof and chimney and getting told off.  Talked a lot to Sally and Yvonne.


I’m having such a happy, great time.


I miss Lilith a lot, but feel ever-distant from her.  ‘What is she playing at?’ as Flash asked.  Why hasn’t she written yet?


I even got a letter from EVA the other day.  I’ve tried to ring her (and the MIDLANDS group) over the last few days, but they’ve never been in.




I miss Lilith so much and it’s annoying.  Her company has been mine for so long now and I want her here.



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Next time: ‘The final pantos…’

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