The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Thursday, 15 December 1988

Justine Black: The End


Tutorials and next term’s preparation projects.


‘Step Into Christmas’ – Elton John




This special edition of the Pantomime – performed for the entertainment of our fellow drama students – was produced specifically to be the ultimate in inter-cast off-putting!  As one would expect, it was outrageously smutty and rude.  It received a lot of laughs and was quite hilariously enjoyable.


Some memorable moments:


Instead of the customary poisoned apple, The Evil Queen asks Dorothy if she would ‘like to try this?’ whilst holding up a somewhat phallic cucumber.


Berwin Groomstool throws off his voluminous cloak to reveal his practically naked body – but for the full set of women’s lingerie.  Not even the cast knew I was going to do this.  They were actually rolling on the floor with laughter, the first occasion upon which I had actually witnessed this mythical cliché in real life.


Good laugh.


A shifty looking fellow with an angular face derived from Aladdin Sane photos and Doctor Who annuals…


Also today, I met with the Manager of The Fermoy Centre in King’s Lynn, Damaris Grenfell, to discuss the possibility of my staging a production of THE CHINESE PLAY for a few evenings in February.  Unfortunately, the earliest dates she has are in April, and she’s only willing to try the show out on afternoons.  I was dubious, but no commitments have been made and things are still flexible.  I know I definitely want EVENINGS, though.  Matinees tend to dull the enthusiasm of performers and lack, in my opinion, any kind of audience.


My No.1: ‘Need You Tonight’INXS


This aft, we all got merry at The Spread Eagle + drank jollily.  I talked to Justine, and tried to explain to her my commitments to this new course.  Clearly, by the time we started going back out with each other, my attitude to myself, College, and the people around me, had obviously changed.  When Justine got me back, I believe she was hoping I was still the immature twat that I used to be.  This was perhaps the cause of our downfall.  I told her that I still want to be with her, but she has to adjust to my new commitments.  She was sarcastic and refused to understand.  She was very unfeeling and callous towards me, so I suggested a trial separation – that way we might learn to ‘want’ each other again.  She got even angrier, not that I blame her.  It became quickly obvious that the whole debate wasn’t going anywhere, no matter which way we turned, so as far as I’m concerned, it’s over.  Out of my system, just like BMW.  Looks like I am going out with my Drama Group…


I’m still grateful for the support she gave me during my Suzi/baby crisis, though.  Natalia was good too, come to that.  It was all a false alarm, by the way.  And Suzi and I never spoke again, you know.


But as far as my life with Justine goes, I think that was it.  I have vowed to become someone new in 1989.


[We never got together again.  Look:


23rd January 1989

Justine speaks to Ritch for the first time in a month to compliment him on his new, short hairstyle.


22nd March 1989

Ritch thinks fondly of Justine.


JUNE 1989

Justine leaves College.  By now, Ritch and she are only friends very peripherally.  There is no formal or even informal goodbye. 




That’s all they have left.





– Ritcherd, 1990]




A note:


‘Dear Ritcherd,


Please could you remember to bring the tapes, my waistcoat and my leggings, so that I can wear something different and listen to the tapes on my journey home on Saturday.  If you do this, I shall love you forever and a day!!!


Oodles of love


DAVE! xxx



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