The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Tuesday, 27 December 1988

To Astra's...

‘December Will Be Magic Again’ – Kate Bush

Last nite, I dreamt that I’d put the phone down just after Flash promised to ring me.  I went for a walk in the baking hot sunlight + returned to find a big book, entitled A List Of Bonkable Females by Danyel Gordon.  There was also a script for The Chinese Play II and some other stuff – all of it by Danyel Gordon.  Thinking to myself, I recalled that it was only that morning that Flash said he’d post this stuff to me, and was left wondering how it had all arrived so soon.  I asked Betty about it, and she rather coldly replied, ‘It’s always been there, you fool.’  My world then began to crumble.  It hadn’t always been there.  But it was also strangely familiar.  Looking on the top right hand corner of the cover of A List Of Bonkable Females, I saw a blue/purple hologram-style postage stamp for 1p, which disturbed me.  Feeling tense, I decided to take a bath and relax.  Once in the bath, I washed myself completely + then finished off with my feet.  Whilst washing my feet, I noticed a scar on my heel.  Investigating further, I realised I had a deep hole in my sole – not only that, a massive flesh / bone lump projecting from each instep.  Terrified, I began to furiously scrub away at them with the sponge.  The water in the bath began to turn a deep red, and I couldn’t understand why.  Putting down the sponge, I looked at my feet + to my relief the lumps had gone, with no scarring.  Should I tell Betty? I wondered.  Should I ring my doctor?  No…  I rubbed my heel and then screamed as all the flesh slipped, wetly, off my feet, revealing the bones as far as the ankle in my rubbing hand.  My legs were falling to pieces…






‘Wuthering Heights’ – Kate Bush


I went to Astra Trellis’s tonite and we had a great talky kind of time.  Danny Black still likes me, despite what Justine’s been stirring.  Apparently, she still wants me.


Oh!  Legs + BMW are over.  Yo-Ho-Ho!


‘Zat all?


Astra cut my hair.  Well, thinned it.  And I’m definitely not even remotely a goth any more.




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