The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Saturday, 24 December 1988

Christmas Eve 1988


‘I Feel Free’ – Belinda Carlisle



Last nite, I dreamt that along with Flash and Jolene Morse from my BTEC class, I was captured by apes from Planet Of The Apes.  We were placed in a whitewashed second storey living room, full of old-fashioned green furniture.  We were expected to die here.  But I realised I had been there before, so Jolene and I edged around the walls of the room on this massive ledge, just as a huge lion entered with the intention of eating us all.  Luckily, Jolene and I escaped, finding our selves in a hotel corridor.  We hid in one of the bathrooms, just as Rod Serling (who presents The Twilight Zone) walked by with a squad of gorillas. 
Jolene and I then kissed, which was gorgeous, before escaping into the city, which was Norwich or Peterborough, or something similar.  We held hands and she told me we ought to go back to her place to talk about having a serious relationship.  I was well chuffed, but uncertain, because I remembered she was going out with her real-life boyfriend, Walker.  She assured me that they had finished ages ago, so we headed off to her place…


I got my report today and I can sum it up as: EXCELLENT (the word most used to describe my progress).


‘We Can Change’ – Belinda Carlisle


Today, I went to BACCHALLY’S and gave Natalia a massive Christmas card.  She’s nice.  It was nice to see her.  I sat in BACCHALLY’S until she noticed me.  When she did it took her a second or two to realise who I was (the hair, I guess).  She did a double take, grinning. 


As Nat pottered about, BMW came in and sat at the other end of the café with her friends.  I shrank back as Nat mouthed ‘Talk to her’ at me.  ‘No’, I mouthed back.


One coffee, one scone with jam + cream.  One pot of tea.  One Christmas Card of Love for Natalia.


‘I’ll write to you,’ she mouthed.

‘Merry Christmas and a happy new year,’ I mouthed back.  ‘Love you.’




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Next time: ‘Christmas Day 1988…’

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