The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Friday, 30 December 1988

Cheltenham at Christmas

‘Cloudbusting’ – Kate Bush


Donna’s place is lovely, apart from Flash and I having to share a very small bed, the quilt upon which just manages to not quite cover two people.  Thus, 1988 is likely to end with flu.


Today we ventured into Cheltenham – Donna drove us all in – which was lovely, but I saw some really sexy Goths and my recent cutting of the cord from ‘gothdom’ is beginning to disturb me.  You see I’ve started wearing my cool new blue jeans with my DMs and shirts.  I’ve still got bangles and a bit of eyeliner and stuff, but I’m trying to carve my own image now.  Trouble is, I don’t know what I want or who I am.  And, frankly, those goth girls didn’t look at me twice, which they would have done if I was a goth.  And, yes, I want to be looked at!


Flash and I separated ourselves from the others and set out to buy ourselves some late Christmas presents.  Once again, Flash and I ate pizza (this time, of course, in Cheltenham not Peterborough) over which we enjoyed an extremely interesting conversation about our respective searches to find our one true love.  We chatted at some length today, and I think we are destined to be the greatest of friends for a long time to come.  Time will tell.


In Cheltenham, Flash came away with an LP collection of HOLLYWOOD HITS and Kate Bush’s THE WHOLE STORY.  I purchased an LP of great British pastoral classical tunes by the UK Symphony Orchestra called GREEN + PLEASANT LAND. 


I also bought Kate Bush’s The Whole Story video collection and a Kate Bush interview pic-disc.  Later, it was very good of Donna to kindly give me her copy of The Whole Story LP (‘to accompany the video’), so I now have all KTB’s UK albums.


This evening, Donna invited over SINEAD HOWARTH, her wonderful and gorgeous friend.  She came to stay, and was/is very naturally beautiful.  I felt almost ecstatic when she came and sat with us all in the lounge.  But she was tired + I expect she was also bored.  Thus, I felt depressed as she + Donna departed to bed.  Luckily, they allowed me to take the opportunity to follow + talk to them.  We spoke of various things that inspired wonderful feelings in me for Sinead; coaxing great emotions to stir + swirl within my heart.




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Next time: ‘New Year’s Eve 1988…’

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