The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Wednesday, 30 November 1988

Winning the 1988 Drama Prize


Chamber of Trade evening: dressing up – themes, etc. 6 – 7pm

Presentation evening – 7.30pm. 

Lights needed in Main Hall.

BTEC Dance presentation.


‘Do You Wanna Funk?’ – Sylvester



As the other members of Performing Arts prepared their LCDT-inspired Dance Piece for the Presentation Evening, I prepared and organised the seating and lighting with Daniel Abbott, William + Kat Hill.  And Larry said to me, ‘Are you here for this Presentation tonite?’

I said, ‘Yeah.’

He said, ‘Well I suggest you dress up + do your hair, because you might be asked to come out to the front…’


A demonic Frankenstein’s monster with bat ears…


In the evening, I went to Donna’s and crimped and backcombed my hair, with all the others who were getting dressed up for their dance piece.



The evening was a prize-giving event wherein members of the college from 1987-1988 would receive prizes for their outstanding contributions to their respective courses.  I attended with my parents, as we had all been invited.




Opening Remarks:

Vice chairman of Governors



Head of Sector


Presentation of Prizes:          

(International Film and Television Make-up Artist)


Closing Remarks:          



The Performing Arts group did some impressive dance work, which hopefully elicited a positive response regarding the future of Dance at NORCAT.


In the Presentation, there were loads of awards, mostly for hair and beauty, etc.  Look:


Boots prize, Clairol Cup, Coldham Cup, Coldham Shiled, Goldwell Cup, Headlines Cup, Ogee Hairdressing Prize, Ogee Beauty Prize, Wella Shield, Berol Award, and the Zotos Special Award.


They also handed out certificate awards for all those individuals who had achieved the best work in:


GCSE Pre-Specialist Art and Design, ‘A’ Level Pre-Specialist Art and Design, City & Guilds Advanced Studies in Hairdressing, City & Guilds in Hairdressing, City & Guilds in Wigmaking, City & Guilds in Cosmetic Make-up, City & Guilds in Manicure, City & Guilds in Epilation, City & Guilds in Beauty Therapy and the International Beauty Therapists Diploma Course.  And, of course, Performing Arts…


The Performing Arts Prize will be awarded to the student who contributed the most outstanding original and creative ideas to the Section


But we’ll come to that in a minute…


Tonnes of people got prizes, including Ben Fletcher and Derek Hardy who were awarded two prizes from the Barnes Bysea Arts Festival 1988 (Best Production for their Dumb Waiter and a shared Best Actors award).  Astra Trellis won the Goldwell Cup (for ‘the Hairdressing student who shows the greatest progress over the year’) and Pauline Gold won the Ogee Hairdressing Prize (for ‘the full-time student reaching the best all round standard in the act of haircutting’). 


Then Larry came up on stage and said:


‘This next prize is the Performing Arts Prize, and we’re awarding it to the pupil who has contributed the most intelligent and useful creative ideas over the last two years…’


He then said:


‘He’s a young man who, when you meet him, you find him quite friendly and very remarkable.  He’s a young man who did Theatre Studies, and whose work on the end of term production, C’est La Vie, was splendid.  He has also pleased us all with his work on a recent self-devised production, and his courage and determination helped get much of the recent Macbeth production of the ground.  He’s not the sort of chap who’d win a hairdressing competition, but here he is: Ritcherd Winterfood.’


My heart had been pounding, and sounding in my head.  It was a ‘birrova shock’ and I was trembling and shaking.  I was somewhere else, somewhere far, far away, on a higher plane.  The crowd cheered for me.  It was loud, roaring, deafening, and I was minute and microscopic before the enthusiasm and love of my peers.  And my beautiful BTEC Performing Arts friends Donna and Jolene had tears in their eyes.


It was very surprising and very flattering.  


I went up and received my prize – a £10 book token – from the councillor, Mrs Dutton, and I held it as I trembled and said thank you. 

It had been a considerable shock.  Quite considerable.


My parents were dead proud and so was Donna, and I was heartily congratulated by Jolene, Donna, Tracey Joyce, and Simon Lewis.


I went to collect my A-level certificates and had a couple of glasses of wine and an orange juice, whilst chatting vaguely with Betty + Freddie, Larry, Donna and all the BTEC folkies.


Donna handed me a note (written at 6.45pm last night) as I was socialising...


‘Dear Ritcherd,


Well here I am getting excited for you about tomorrow night.  I know you’ve got the drama prize, so this is to say well done and Congratulations.  Nobody else deserves it like you do and I feel so proud of you.  I’m sorry I’ve seemed pissy with you, but it’s just the way I feel at the moment.  Sorry.  Just remember, I do appreciate you being my best mate round here!


Oodles of love, hugs, sex, kisses and other indoor sports!!!


Love yer!





Betty + Freddie then took Donna and me out to THE BUTTERFLY, where I drank some lager at last, and we had a really great time.  We then returned Donna home.


At home, I ate some Southern Fried Chicken, cuddled Chip a lot and watched Doctor Who: Silver Nemesis (Part Two), which was ‘okay’. 

I mean, it looked nice, but there was little going on in the actual plot, so I’m afraid it hasn’t made such a great impact on me.


What a beautiful end to the month.  The future is bright.



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Next time: ‘Trip to Shepperton…’

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  1. Donna Davidson13:53:00

    OMG, lovely entry. It was a great night, I especially remember going to The Butterfly.....we were all in such a great mood & felt so proud!!! We all knew back right we were!