The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Monday, 21 November 1988

The Happiness Patrol


Touring schools, giving workshops: North Norfolk.  (See notice board/Jane for details).


‘Japanese Boy’ – Aneka


Today, we had morning workshops in Forf End + Barnes Bysea.  Sadly, many of us found this day a little wasted.  We joined the PA one-year group on their ‘tour’ of two schools, doing workshops with their production work.  In a sense, it was quite informative on how to devise workshops and Larry Goodgirl was as compelling as ever. 


I hardly saw Justine, cos I fell asleep on Donna Davidson’s bed.  I was so shattered because we were awake all last nite, talking.  Being this busy, both socially and vocationally, makes me really angry, because it means I don’t see Justine as much as I should or would like. 


Donna came by and wrote me this note:


‘Dear Ritcherd,


I came in to see you, but you were still asleep.  See you tomorrow.  Panto remember!


Oodles of love





I hated the snow, cos I had to bike in it.




‘From Me To You’ – The Beatles


I WATCH:          

The KENNEDY documentaries






In the end, The Happiness Patrol was skill.  I really loved it.  Great, to say it’s the supposed TURKEY of the season.  McCoy was it his most powerful yet.  I loved it.  Obviously, it could have been better in places, but it’s the SAME with everything.  Loved the Sewer Dwellers and the Kandyman.


I have read the Doctor Who novel The Sontaran Experiment by Ian Marter, and it was EXCELLENT.  Peter Grimwade’s Planet Of Fire (thanks, Simon Lewis!) was GOOD, and I’m now reading Terrance DicksThe Caves Of Androzani (thanks again, Simon!).


I’m also reading J.D. Salinger’s The Catcher In The Rye.


‘We Can Work It Out’ – The Beatles


My face, transformed into that of Berwin Groomstool…


TODAY was depression ‘n’ sleep.  Love of my sideburns.


[Hi, I’m from the future.  I wear chunky space-boots, a little silver dress (which looks great when I stand with my hands on my hips) and a jolly little pointed hat with buttons and a feather on it.  My eyes spin like something hypnotic and Op Art from a ‘60s movie, and my head is exactly like that of a Smash robot. 

My nose is a vast and undulating penis, which extends and diminishes with all the noisy glee of one of those things you blow down at a party – Ritch, 1999 xxxxx]



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Next time: ‘The Chinese Play…’

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