The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Tuesday, 8 November 1988

Praise for Macbeth

Late at nite.


Oh god!  Why did I just get the urge to put this MISSION record on?


‘Crystal Ocean’ – The Mission


The old faithful.  Woooo.  1986!


Today, Justine and I kissed a lot.  It’s great that we’re trying again, and it feels ever so nice for us to be THIS close.  We’re closer than ever.  She bought me The Human League’s ‘Love Is All That Matters’ 7-inch today.


Julian Ward brought in a Doctor Who video for me: The Web Planet featuring Bill ‘I hate darkies’ Hantrell. 

Which reminds me, I’ve yet to see tonite’s episode of The Happiness Patrol. 


Oh aye, last night was a cunt!  I spent till 2.30am this morning finishing my Drama Project.  But I had my private tutorial today, and Larry Goodgirl told me everyone who’d spoken to him at the shows had commended my performance – many of them in the Drama Dept’s ranks – and most of them are saying I should have been the one playing Macbeth.  This is something of an ego-booster, I must admit, but to be quite honest, the role of Duncan and the ‘reanimated’ cadaver was very satisfying and I think the role I would have chosen, in retrospect.  It was great fun to play the king, and then be used by three sexy witches as a makeshift cauldron.  And Simon Lewis’ make-up was terrific!  Larry himself told me I’d done a brilliant piece of acting and that my choices had been good.  He also said I’d handled the set pressures well, considering it was nowhere near my forte.  He also said I’d done a good assessment essay; he felt it was very honest.  He also kept my completed Project to read.  He says I’m one of the best talents he’s seen and he’s going to help me with Higher Ed forms.  He was so chuffed, and the audience was chuffed – so I’m bloody chuffed.



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Next time: ‘Life after Macbeth…’

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