The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Tuesday, 1 November 1988

More Macbeth

‘Love Is All That Matters’ – Human League


Today, it was apparent that many people had enjoyed my performance as King Duncan last night, perhaps none more so than the Principal’s wife. 


I completed my painting on the indoor set – the second ‘Satan’ ‘megalith’ is finally painted – and got to work on the show.


The College Theatre Macbeth matinee had a NORCAT student audience of about 7, which was shaight!!!  I hate matinees!  None of us are fond of matinees.  With their low-scoring audiences, they just don’t feel like the real thing.  It’s the lack of darkness, too, and that night time feeling.


A demonic beast lurches forward on goat-like legs, its evil face obscured by a yellow smiley mask…


Flowers bloom, pouting their petals sexily…





‘Still Shows’ – Wire


Newspaper coverage: the papers were kind to the Hallowe’en show, and my little face was in the papers once again.


Lynn News & Advertiser, Tuesday, November 1, 1988


Picture: A sight to send a tingle down the spine, as students playing the part of “apparitions” in the open-air production of Macbeth take to the stage in front of the Red Mount Chapel at Lynn Walks during Friday’s dress rehearsals.


(On the picture are: Jolene Morse, Tracey Joyce, Emma Goddard, Trudy Paul, Ritcherd J Winterfood and Rhoda Baker)


Outdoor show tickets in demand

ORGANISERS of last night’s spectacular outdoor Hallowe’en production of Macbeth in the Walks at Lynn were hoping for a bumper attendance following strong demand for tickets.

Drama Students at the Norfolk College of Arts and Technology were due to perform the haunting Shakespeare classic on a specially-prepared stage outside the Red Mount Chapel.

“The ticket sale has gone so well that we sold over 150 tickets in a matter of two days,” the college’s head of performing arts, Larry Goodgirl, said.

Barnes Bysea Theatre has offered to book the play for December 3, with a workshop that afternoon for the theatre’s youth club, he pointed out.

Sixty-five students on the new BTEC course in performing arts are involved in the play, which is being staged in the college’s own theatre at 2.30 and 7.30pm today and tomorrow.

Peterborough composer Vladimir Porton wrote the spooky, original soundtrack which accompanies choreographer Scarlett Kane’s spine-chilling and seductive dances for the apparitions who appear with the witches.



Eastern Daily Press, Tuesday, November 1, 1988



Spooky tale in chapel setting

ON the spookiest night of the year, the most superstitious play was staged at the Walks, King’s Lynn, last night.

Red Mount Chapel provided the backdrop for a highly original production of Macbeth by drama students from Norfolk College of Arts and Technology.

The frosty night did not deter 300 people from sitting in the park to watch an impressive interpretation of the tale of conflict between good and evil.

Despite some problems with sound equipment and interruption from a passing fire engine, the teenage students gave an arresting performance marked by its strong visual impact.

The students began their two-year drama course – the only full-time course for theatre training in East Anglia – only eight weeks ago.

“It’s been a good project to start them off,” said head of drama Larry Goodgirl.  “They’ve had to do everything including stage management, publicity and costumes.  It’s the best practical experience they could get.”

The group of 15 on the BTEC course has had the support of 65 other NORCAT students.

“The chapel is an appropriate setting for a play of this nature, and it’s a different way of celebrating Hallowe’en,” said Mr Goodgirl, who said he had been encouraged by the support of Lynn and West Norfolk Borough Council for the project.

The production is being repeated tonight and tomorrow at the college and at Barnes Bysea Theatre on December 3.


‘It’s No Game, Part 2’ – David Bowie



Today, Justine and I spoke, but only briefly and vaguely, of nice things.  It was as if we were leading up to something, but nothing actually occurred, even when we were left alone this evening at College.  We were quite nice and friendly towards each other, but nothing CRUCIAL happened.


This evening, we performed Macbeth to a rather full and receptive house, which I think inspired us all with a great deal of confidence.  This, in my opinion, was the best performance so far.  It was excellent, and far more comfortable to do than the outdoor show.


Many thanks again to Mrs Baker for the lift to Wisbech St Mary tonight.


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Next time: ‘Banquo: the Baptists’ Curse…’

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